Singer introduces new lineup of DELL laptops

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Jan 16 2021
FT Singer introduces new lineup of DELL laptops

Singer Sri Lanka unveiled its new lineup of DELL laptops powered by Intel’s 11th Gen Processors recently, setting a new benchmark for laptops.

Singer’s dominance in the laptop market has been highlighted by its recent success as the country’s No. 1 computer seller and also as the market-leader for Dell laptops. 

The new Dell laptops featuring the powerful 11th Gen Intel Core Processors by Singer offers consumers dramatic new technology and functionality, raising the bar for laptop experiences with faster speeds and efficiency. 

According to Intel, the new 11th Gen processor, when compared with its predecessor, has greater power efficiency paired with high rated performance and fast responsiveness. The processors also come with the company's cutting edge integrated Intel Xe Graphics cards. 

Intel's new Xe chips also enable consumers to use their laptops without external graphics cards; benchmarks show that the new intel chip is equivalent in performance to the Nvidia MX350, which is a dedicated card used in many laptops. 

Expanding its existing Dell product line-up, Singer has also introduced the new Dell 3000 series. Offering a rich set of features, the Dell 3000 series laptops have undergone a drastic design overhaul.  

In addition to this, the Dell 5000 series has also been refined in terms of design to further its position among the best high-end consumer laptops in the market.

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Jan 16 2021

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