Signs of Accidents Shown on Palms

By Bandu Abeysundara | Published: 2:00 AM Oct 17 2020
Horoscope Signs of Accidents Shown on Palms

By Bandu Abeysundara

One has to face highly disastrous situations quite unexpectedly while travelling on a motorbike, car, bus, or any other vehicle or even when crossing the roads through the  authorized road-crossings marked in white. Pedestrians are run over by reckless drivers daily.

Gas cylinders have reportedly exploded spontaneously  causing injury. Hot arguments arising after consumption of intoxicants lead to uncontrollable fights with rival parties that they end up using sharp or unauthorized weapons. Young children die by drowning while swimming with friends. One kills his fiancé  following a trivial misunderstanding.

There are many who close their eyes and relax,  sit and read books or  enjoy with their family members. This segment of people could be easily categorized as fortunate people who have accrued much merit in this birth as well as in previous births.

When talking about unexpected accidents involving bloodshed, amputation of vital limbs, hospitalization for prolonged periods, the victims of similar situations could be easily traced by the scrutiny of  one’s two palms.

The Line of Life is of paramount importance when it comes to tracing applicable signs which are considered to be indications of impending accidents or accidents already occurred in one’s life in the past.

The Line of Life commences its journey as a semi circle from the bottom of the Mount of Jupiter under the forefinger and above the lower mass which is the bumpy portion just above the end of the thumb and right below the beginning of the Line of Life. As the word implies, the Line of Life speak volumes of one’s life, which comprises of one’s career achievements, demotions, new employment, bank loans, settlement of bank loans and the period taken to settle the loan, purchase of lands and houses, marriage, accidents either with fatality  or possibilities for near escape or recovery after prolonged hospitalization.

If the Line of Life on the two palms terminates at some age with a black spot or a black star at the end, it indicates a fatal accident or an incurable disease at the determined age. If similar line configuration is noticed, one needs to take extra caution in everyday life and be on the alert at all times, especially when carrying out critical tasks in busy metropolitan areas or even when at home. This same sign may be a warning for unexpected infection of COVID-19 or any other incurable disease or accentual death or if not,  drowning or suicide. 

There is a little consolation, if the terminated line of life rejoins the remaining part of the line of life by running the two separated lines of life parallel to each other even for a very short distance, and essentially protected by a square box formed by four short lines acting as a sign of preservation as mentioned in the ancient sacred science of Palmistry.

In the case of a black spot being noticed somewhere right behind the line of life, it could be infallibly predicted as a pre-notification for such palm holders to be  totally mindful in case of arguments, envious reactions and involvement in fights with rival parties, as most of my previous clients with similar signs on their palms have confessed to me that they were involved in serious fights using  weapons or knives.

 Some even said that they were hospitalized for a long period with bandages for wounded arms or legs. Only a very few said that they were surrounded by a group of unknown gangsters but escaped owing to their patience at the time. Had they too been ‘drunk’ at the time, the situation would have aggravated causing serious injuries leading to bloodshed. 

The other bad-omen is if a small sign in the shape of an island is detected right behind the Line of Life on the two palms of an individual. These people too may carry the aforementioned tendencies for unexpected accidents and diseases.

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By Bandu Abeysundara | Published: 2:00 AM Oct 17 2020

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