Shocking Revelation!

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Jul 27 2020

An extensive investigation has been initiated following the shocking revelation of fifty records containing the details of crimes committed by a notorious underworld gangster called Samsunge Sampath Chamara alias Army Sampath going missing from the Grandpass Police Station in Colombo.

According to Police sources, the records which had gone missing, mysteriously, contained detailed of the crimes such as drug peddling, murders and extortions committed by the deadly underworld gangster. 

When the country was devastated by the separatist war ten years ago, underworld activities also remained a big challenge with regard to maintaining law and order in the country. 

Several of the underworld gangsters were deserters from the Armed Forces and with their experience in handling different types of firearms were trigger happy throwing a big challenge to law and order. 

The underworld gangsters, such as Army Sampath who is presently remaining behind the bars, were in the pay of the big time drug peddlers as well as some of the unscrupulous politicians in the country.

However, it is shocking to understand that the details recorded by the Police sleuths on the criminal activities committed by the notorious gangster who is known as Army Sampath who is wanted in connection with several nerve-wracking crimes had gone missing mysteriously from one of the premier Police Stations in the island’s capital Colombo. 

It was a month ago Attorney General Dappula De Livera had visited the premier prison in Welikada, Colombo and lambasted the prison officials of their negligence and ignorance of the reckless behaviour of the prisoners within the prison houses not only in Welikada Prison but even in other prisons in the country.

The revelation of Police records of not just a criminal but a notorious underworld gangster disappearing from the record room mysteriously has clearly shown that the presence of `black sheep’ could be even found within the law enforcement institutions.

The preliminary investigation has not only indicated that around fifty Police records containing facts about the alleged involvement of notorious underworld gangster Samsunge  Sampath Chamara alias Army Sampath had gone missing, the probe has even revealed that important pages containing certain vital information on the gangster from twenty such record books have also been found to be removed. 

The probe launched so far into the Police records which mysteriously went missing detailing the involvement of Army Sampath’s various types of criminal activities had remained at the Grandpass Police Station for nearly two decades to be produced for Court cases pending against the notorious gangster. 

Therefore, the mysterious disappearance of those fifty Police records as well as the removal of certain vital pages from some of the missing records has clearly shown a high handed manipulation involving in the mysterious disappearance of the record books.

The timely action taken by the newly appointed Officer-in-Charge of the Grandpass Police station paying his attention to the missing Police records, ahead of assuming duties and bringing to the notice of his seniors the entire issue, is praiseworthy.

The Police record books which had gone missing from Grandpass Police Station had not only contained details of Army Sampath’s involvement in various criminal activities, the records also had the details of his accomplices, according to the preliminary investigations carried out so far.

On the directive of Senior Deputy Inspector General of Police (Western Province) Deshabandu Tennakoon an extensive investigation has been launched by a special team of Police personnel headed by Senior Inspector of Police P.H. Marapana to go deep into the affair. 

Therefore, the entire investigation should be carried out with regard to the mysterious disappearance of the Police records containing the details of a deadly gangster in a manner leaving no stone unturned to ensure the dignity and the credibility of the law enforcement institutions in the country. 

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Jul 27 2020

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