Shocking documentary exposes LTTE’s atrocities

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Feb 24 2021
News Shocking documentary exposes LTTE’s atrocities

At a time when the Sri Lankan Government is coming under attack by international actors for alleged human rights violations, a video circulating on social media highlights a story of violence inflicted by the LTTE.  

The video is titled ‘Truth Behind Dare’ and begins with a voice-over, describing the atrocities of the LTTE. The narrator argues that many were fed dreams, and whilst for a while it hid the pain, eventually the truth surfaced. 

The narrator claims to have received all videos used in the documentary from former LTTE cadres and the authenticity of the videos has been confirmed by experts. Before the video begins a disclaimer is added, announcing that some of the scenes may be distressing or traumatising to some.

The first scene of the video shows LTTE cadres firing at dead Sri Lankan Armed Forces personnel at close range. The narrator says that the world deserves to see the true picture of the LTTE, especially those who spread lies on social media.

Next, the video shows young children, who have barely reached puberty, being trained to fight in wars and being given cyanide capsules to commit suicide upon capture. A woman from the West named Adel is shown helping train these children. The narrator rhetorically asks who will bring these violent groups before International Courts and what human rights body would talk about these atrocities. 

Further, the video shows the LTTE employing horrible acts of animal cruelty. It shows dogs being blown up after being tied with explosives. Another clip demonstrates how the LTTE used a dog hung upside down from a tree to test the pressure needed for a land mine to explode. More pictures were used, illustrating goats being used for target practice.

The narrator notes in conclusion that those who benefited from terrorism still live today with bloodlust. The Army saved nearly 300,000 unarmed civilians towards the latter stage of the war. The wish of every Sri Lankan is that such a tragic past should never be experienced by anyone ever again.

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Feb 24 2021

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