Selling National resources is not our policy : Tourism Minister

AN | Published: 11:50 AM Jan 25 2021
Local Selling National resources is not our policy : Tourism Minister

Tourism Minister Prasanna Ranatunga states that selling National resources is not a policy under the current Government.

He pointed out that bringing investment to the country is not the same as selling  National resources, he made these statements while speaking at the Minuwangoda electorate convention organized to mark the 4th anniversary of the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna.

Speaking further, Minister Ranatunga stressed that the Government is not ready to back down from the mandate given to it at the last Presidential and Parliamentary elections. He also assured that no decision would be taken by the President, the Prime Minister or the Government that would harm that mandate.

Speaking further Minister Prasanna Ranatunga said,

"The Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna that we founded has become one of the strongest parties in Asia today due to the commitment of the people of this country..

"We took over a country where National security had collapsed. A country that had sabotaged the economy through the Central Bank robbery. We were handed a country entangled like a ball of thread. Now we are untangling that ball of yarn. We paid Rs. 5,000 each to the people affected by the pandemic. Good Governance Government did not give jobs to graduates in this country. We employed 59,000 graduates in the midst of a pandemic. 

"As the Minister of Tourism, I have taken up a challenge to bring tourists to this country. However, the Opposition states that we do not care about the migrant workers. By now we have brought more than 70,000 migrant workers back to Sri Lanka. Five days each week we bring in foreign workers from the Middle East. We have made a program to quarantine individuals at the expense of the Government.

"3 million people benefit directly and indirectly from the tourism industry. They had no income for 10 months. The President and the Prime Minister, in consultation with the health sector, worked out a plan to attract tourists to the country. The opposition wants to keep the country closed to tourists. The Opposition knows that if the tourism industry is rebuilt it will be a great strength to the country's economy. That's the reason for the lies which are being spread among the people against the tourism industry.

"We need to get used to living in a new way with the pandemic. We cannot open schools as usual without following health guidelines. We have to work differently at workplaces. Transportation facilities have to work differently

"Today the opposition is carrying out false propaganda against the government saying that it has failed. What they do not see is that the Government is moving forward with a plan and vision. The opposition is afraid of that. 

"Many are also protesting the investments on the Eastern Container Terminal. I reiterate that investments does not mean the sale of assets and that the President has no intention of selling any State-owned enterprise. This is a people's Government. Therefore, do not be deceived by the false propaganda of the opposition. ”

AN | Published: 11:50 AM Jan 25 2021

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