Second phase of teaching slots for monks and nuns

By Thameenah Razeek | Published: 2:00 AM Oct 1 2020

By Thameenah Razeek 

While noting the entry of monks into the teaching profession is an urgent need in the society, Education Minister Professor G.L. Peiris claimed that a society cannot be developed by tightening rules alone and one should work through pre-schools, Sunday Daham schools, Pirivenas and other institutions from an early age to bring about a change in the attitudes of the society.  

As per the decision of the Cabinet on 3 January, regarding the admission of graduate monks into the service as Development Officers in the Sri Lanka Teaching Service and at the awarding ceremony of Teacher appointments to 35 graduate monks and nuns that was held under the patronage of Prof. Peiris at the University of Colombo. Under the first phase, 20 monks were given teaching appointments on 1 June and the second phase was implemented recently.

He further said, it is gratifying to see monks teaching. 

By Thameenah Razeek | Published: 2:00 AM Oct 1 2020

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