Rubber prices hit record high

DM | Published: 11:15 AM Feb 24 2021
Local Rubber prices hit record high

The price of rubber has risen to Rs 650 per kilogram after a lapse of 10 years according to the Government information department. The department notes that the last time this happened was during a brief period in 2011. 

The Department adds that unsustainable practices by farmers, including daily tapping, during this period in 2011 led to permanent damage to the rubber plantations and eventually caused low latex production. As a result of this the price of rubber remained low for several years.   

The Deputy Director of the Rubber Research Institute, Dr. Priyani Seneviratne, reminded all rubber farmers of the consequences of excessive tapping which is not affordable under the current situation of rubber fields that have not been fertilized properly and with a high percentage of dry trees.

She further warns that the rubber fields which are under low-frequency harvesting should not be tapped at a higher frequency adding that that the price of rubber may go further up and therefore, the trees should be protected. 

In any case, she requests farmers to immediately contact the Rubber Research Institute or the Rubber Development Department for assistance. 

DM | Published: 11:15 AM Feb 24 2021

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