Rs 2,000 fine for lane law violators

By Thameenah Razeek | Published: 2:00 AM Sep 17 2020
News Rs 2,000 fine for lane law violators

By Thameenah Razeek

Police will impose a  Rs 2,000 fine on motorists who violate the Traffic Lane Law, with effect from 21 September.

Offenders are given time to adhere to the new system till tomorrow (18) and then Police will take legal action against motorists who violate the law and even produce them in Courts under the traffic law, said DIG-in- Charge of Traffic Management and Road Safety Range, W.S. Nissanka.  

Director of Motor Traffic and Road Safety of Police, SSP Indika Hapugoda yesterday (16) said, there was a couple of cases reported yesterday, adding however, that no one was fined, but were advised to follow the rules.   

Talking of maximum speed a bus, trishaw or a motorbike could go on a bus lane, Hapugoda noted that a trishaw could travel at 40 kilometres per hour (km/h) and a bus within 50-60 km/h. “But currently all vehicles in the Western Province were travelling within the speed limit of 20-25 km/h. If the bus lane law is implemented, speed limit could be increased which is convenient for everyone. For now, we can say the newly-imposed Traffic Lane Law is a success,” Nissanka said. 

Around 1,500 Traffic Police Officers were deployed to enforce the Traffic Lane Law in addition to 200 female Police Officers.  The Police also ordered tri shaws and motorbikes to utilise the priority bus lane.

“Personnel from the Tri-Forces would also be deployed to enforce the Traffic Lane Law if required. The trial run of the lane rules has been in operation for three days from 14 September to yesterday. Motorcycles and three-wheelers are allowed to drive in the left lane only from today as a solution to the traffic congestion caused by not following the lane rules properly,” Hapugoda said. 

Meanwhile, Army personnel were deployed to monitor the Traffic Lane Law in two different locations. The Air Force is operating drones to conduct surveillance operations along four main routes. The Air Force utilised four drones to cover the entry routes into the City of Colombo mainly from Rajagiriya, Nugegoda, Borella and the Galle Road. Hapugoda said they hoped the Air Force will use drone cameras to enforce the law in congested areas, against drivers and cyclists violating these lanes rules from today.

Parallel to these efforts, the Police are conducting an educational programme in this regard.

By Thameenah Razeek | Published: 2:00 AM Sep 17 2020

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