Rohith to Judge ‘Young Ones Competition’

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Apr 20 2021
FT Rohith to Judge ‘Young Ones Competition’

Rohith Hettiaratchi, Director - Business Strategy and Planning at Media Factory Pvt Ltd was recently appointed as the sole judge representing Sri Lanka, along with 90 other jurors across the world.

Dating back to 1986, ‘The Young Ones Competition’ offer students across the globe the opportunity to compete for a coveted One Show Pencil, ADC Cube, or Portfolio Award. The competition is open to all national and international college students enrolled in an accredited programme, preferably focusing on advertising, communications, graphic design, or a related programme of study.

‘THE ONE CLUB FOR CREATIVITY’ a non-profit, US- based award company that pours everything they make back into nurturing a more vibrant and inspired global creative community is built on four core strengths: - Education, Inclusion and Diversity, Gender Equality, Professional Development.Their education division supports the next generation of industry creatives through this competition.

‘Young Ones Competition’ awards the most promising up and coming international creative talent. It is one of the most acclaimed international advertising, interactive and design student competitions out there. For more than thirty years, ‘The One Club for Creativity’ has been and continues to be passionate about encouraging students and young professionals to showcase their creativity, – Hettiaratchi stated in his interview.

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“I was recommended and stated as a nominee by a friend/colleague from Nepal”, Hettiaratchi specified. Hettiaratchi has been in the advertising field since 1991, over 30 years. He believes that his experience and knowledge gathered across the South Asian markets and various verticals of advertising, would have been the reason why he was elected for a significant role in this competition. 

When asked ‘What would you like to convey to the youngsters of the world?’, Hettiaratchi stated;

‘‘Nothing comes easy, everything comes with hard work, most importantly, you should know how to work with others, understand their mind sets. When you’re working as a team, people come from different backgrounds, but when you’re working in an organisation, everybody has one goal. So, you need to get everybody to sync with that goal. Working with people to ensure common goals are achieved!’, he said.

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Apr 20 2021

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