Revised health guidelines issued

Rebecca Pavey | Published: 8:54 PM Nov 30 2021
Local Revised health guidelines issued

Health authorities have issued revised health guidelines to be followed by the public from 01 to 15 November.

As per the new guidelines, participation in official and corporate meetings, and other such gatherings has been limited to a maximum of 150 persons, while virtual meetings are encouraged.

Outdoor private gatherings are prohibited, while a maximum of 10 persons may be accommodated in a household, and not more than 100 guests may be accommodated in a private hall. 

Indoor and outdoor restaurants will be permitted to operate with a maximum of 100 and 150 persons, respectively.

Also, indoor and outdoor weddings will be permitted to accommodate 200 and 250 guests, respectively.

Serving of liquor, however, will not be permitted at weddings. 

Funerals are required to be held within 24 hours, with not more than 20 persons present.

Attached below are the revised guidelines: 

Rebecca Pavey | Published: 8:54 PM Nov 30 2021

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