Restrictions imposed to reduce COVID-19 transmission

Dilini Madushanki | Published: 6:45 PM May 1 2021
Local Restrictions imposed to reduce COVID-19 transmission

The Ministry of Primary Health Care, Epidemics & COVID Disease Control has issued guidelines supported by those issued by the Ministry of Health on relaxation of public activities in response to COVID 19.

The COVID-19 situation in the country is subject to change from time to time and the level of activity permitted and number of people engaged in these functions will need to change. 

The Ministry of Health introduced the DReAM set of major precautions to be taken in response to COVID-19 and these are applied in the guidelines mentioned.

D- Physical Distancing, no gathering, mainly stay at home 

Re- Respiratory Etiquette

A-  Aseptic practices (hand wash, hand sanitizing ) 

M – proper use of face mask

It is re-emphasized that strong adherence of DReAM is required.

The alert level system is introduced based on an understanding of public and work settings in Sri Lanka.

4 levels of alert are identified in Sri Lanka based on following:

Alert level 1: Cases reported are only those coming from outside the country (detected in quarantine); no clusters

Alert level 2: One cluster of cases 

Alert level 3: Several clusters in different districts

Alert level 4: Cases are appearing with no connection to any cluster – Community transmission

According to the current epidemiological situation after the New Year, some restrictions need to be imposed to reduce the risk of transmission. 

Functions permitted as per the country alert level III are given below in Annex I.

Dilini Madushanki | Published: 6:45 PM May 1 2021

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