Regional consular office opened in Kurunegala

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Jul 29 2021
News Regional consular office opened in Kurunegala

Politicians should delegate decisions pertaining to the professorial unit of Wayamba University’s Medical Faculty to doctors, medical practitioners, and experts, as this is not the duty of political leaders, Highways Minister Johnston Fernando said. During a ceremony to open a regional consular office of the Foreign Ministry in Kurunegala, the Minister responded to a journalist’s query about his position on the on-going dispute over the professorial unit’s location saying that politicians should not be involved in matters pertaining to medical experts and professionals. “Politicians should stay out of this decision, which should be made by professionals. 

During the previous Government, lawmakers decided that the Wayamba University Medical Faculty’s professorial unit should be located in Kuliyapitiya. The doctors have now suggested that it should be relocated to the Provincial Hospital in Kurunegala as it is the most suited location to provide practical training to medical students. Doctors and medical professionals are the most prepared to make this decision. There are some decisions that politicians should delegate to experts. This is an example of such a choice. 

As a politician, I am not involved in this matter, but I appreciate the doctors’ opinion. Let them decide and we would act accordingly,” the Minister said. Many in the North Western Province will benefit from the regional consular office, which will save them time and money by allowing them to obtain services without having to travel to the Foreign Ministry’s main office in Colombo, according to the Minister. “Hundreds of thousands of employees from the North Western Province work in foreign countries. In addition, the Kurunegala town is home to a high number of manpower agencies. Those who used to travel to Colombo for document certification and other services provided by the Foreign Ministry’s consular division now have access to them in Kurunegala,” according to the Minister. The Regional Consular Office is located at No 2, Dambulla Road, Kurunegala, on the third floor of the Department of Probation and Child Care Services Building. The office can be reached via email at kurunegala. [email protected], by phone at 037 222 5931, and by fax at 037 222 5941. 


CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Jul 29 2021

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