Raja Vedha Dosha Found in Vastu

By Sanjeeva Kumara Rangalla | Published: 2:00 AM Jan 9 2021
Horoscope Raja Vedha Dosha Found in Vastu

By Sanjeeva Kumara Rangalla

The main aim of Vastu is to create  conducive conditions for living. At present Vastu has become so popular that it is only randomly that people do not use Vastu principles when building a house. There are a few who would present foolish and meaningless arguments against Vastu. As Vastu consultants we have to mention that Vastu does not recognize divisions such as  caste, creed or religion.

When there is a Vastu defect in a house, the consequences would be experienced in due course despite one’s station in life. In this article I wish to pinpoint  a certain Vastu defect that is much discussed in Vastu architecture although people are quite unaware of it. 

It is called Raja Vedha Dosha which means having government offices, residences of higher ups in the government, gambling dens, and taverns close to the main entrance of a house.

In this country such places are frequently found. Although they are found mainly in urban areas, it is not uncommon to find them in residential areas away from the metropolis. Such places being located in front of the main door create many issues according to Vastu. Defects among them are clashes created by angry persons and frequent problems.

Leave out Vastu and imagine the practical problems you may have to face if living in such an environment. There could be many problems created by undesirable persons who frequent such places. 

If an institution like a police station was located near your house you would be forced to observe situations that you are otherwise  reluctant to watch. If there was a liquor store, the situation need not be explained. There can be institutions that  cater to public requirements. You can examine the  residences nearby and come to a conclusion as to the problems faced by them.

Such environments can create people  with high stress levels. You may face problems when you try to sell the property as well. A house is built to live a happy and healthy life. 

But if you want such a life you should be careful as to avoid the above locations when building a house. If you are living in such a location already, you should carefully make alterations according to Vastu instructions. In order to live happily in a house, it should necessarily  be free of Vastu Dosha. It is your duty to abide by the rules.

By Sanjeeva Kumara Rangalla | Published: 2:00 AM Jan 9 2021

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