Railway Department blocks road repair

By Eunice Ruth and Gayan | Published: 2:00 AM Dec 7 2021
Focus Railway Department blocks road repair

By Eunice Ruth and Gayan

Even though the Medawachchiya Pradeshiya Sabha has initiated steps to repair the road of the village Maguruhiti-Kadawalagama, the officials of Railway Department, Anuradhapura have opposed the idea and stopped the commenced renovation work, said the residents.

The residents said that they are facing a lot of issues due to the dilapidated condition of the road. It is this one kilometre long path which is the only path available to enter the village. This path has not been renovated for more than three years and it is the main reason for the current condition of the road. However, after making several requests to the relevant authorities including Medawachchiya Pradeshiya Sabha, they have commenced the work to renovate the road. However, later due to the interference of the Railway Department, Anuradhapura the renovation work has stopped. The officials from the Department claimed that the road is located in the middle of a land which is owned by the Railway Department and the Department has given permission only to construct a one metre wide and 460 metres long road.

This road has been used by more than 25 resident families of the village and others. The large store of Medawachchiya, Paddy Marketing Board is located here and the farmers who use this road are suffering, even without having a proper way to transport their harvest. 

A resident of the village, 

H. M. Weeratunga, said that this road was used by all the residents and surrounding village people. However, for the past few years no steps have been taken for the renovation of the road and later it was commenced with the help of Medawachchiya Pradeshiya Sabha. Unfortunately, even after commencing the renovation process after years due to the interference of Railway Department again it has stopped, he said.

He also pointed out that the Railway Department officials claimed that it is not a public road. But through this road, electricity and water for the village was given and the Government has given permission to supply all these via this road. He also said that, however, at the beginning of this road construction also, the Railway Department had opposed the idea.

“The large paddy store of Medawachchiya, Paddy Marketing Board is located here and currently, due to the dilapidated condition of the road vehicles are unable to reach the store. During rainy season, the road is muddy and vehicle cannot pass. In those situations, the residents should push the vehicle to reach the store. We have used this road for more than 60 years and no one has informed us not to use. However, while we try to renovate the road, the officials of the Railway Department have opposed. We request the Government to help us by renovating the road and solving the issue,” said Weeratunga.

Another resident of the village M. Ganeshan said that, more than on the normal days, the residents are suffering in rainy seasons. The children who use this road meet with accidents and sometimes it has even led to major accidents. Most of the residents of the village are cancer patients, disabled war-heroes, Government servants and farming families. Already they are facing many financial difficulties and also, due to this road condition they are even facing difficulties in transport.

Medawachchiya, Pradeshiya Sabha has allocated Rs 500,000 for the renovation of this road. However, due to the interference of the Railway Department, all the renovation works has been stopped and we urge the authorities to help us in renovating this road, by clearing all other issues, he said.

Meanwhile, an official of the Medawachchiya, Divisional Secretariat noted that the Government and the related authorities will look into the issue and they will solve the problem of the public by renovating the road.However, the decision in this regard cannot be taken, as the Railway Department is claiming that the road belongs to them. We will examine all the facts related to the road and we will take the decision in this regard soon, he added.

By Eunice Ruth and Gayan | Published: 2:00 AM Dec 7 2021

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