Pushpika De Silva to be recrowned

Kumudu Jayawardena, Tharaka Samman, Rebecca Pavey | Published: 6:02 PM Apr 5 2021
Local Pushpika De Silva to be recrowned

Following the chaos that unraveled at the Mrs. Sri Lanka for Mrs. World pageant held in Colombo last night (04), Chandimal Jayasinghe, National Director for Mrs. Sri Lanka for Mrs. World, stated that Pushpika de Silva is, in fact, legible for the title, despite the unfortunate incident that took place in the finals of the pageant.

When contacted by Ceylon Today, Jayasinghe said that the decision of the jury was final and that Pushpika de Silva still holds the title of Mrs. World 2021.

He further explained that only in the event where she is proved illegible for the Crown can the decision be overturned, and the first-runner be up newly crowned, adding that the action of publicly dethroning Pushpika does not change the decision of the judge board. 

He stated that steps will be taken tomorrow (06) to return the Crown to Pushpika De Silva.

Accordingly, the board of judges is scheduled to be summoned at a press conference tomorrow, during which this mistake will be rectified. 

What happened yesterday?

"The finals of the three-month-long competition was held yesterday, where the winner was crowned. Nearly half an hour later, a group of individuals who were amongst the invitees showed up backstage, and created a scene, in protest of Pushpika's win. However, we had reached the final decision by then, and this episode was of no relevance to us."

What are the requirements that need to be met in order to contest for the Mrs. Sri Lanka for Mrs. World pageant?

"The contestant must be married and must be above 18 years of age. Furthermore, she must possess the qualities expected of a 'Queen'. Motherhood is not considered as a prerequisite for the pageant."

There are allegations that the board of judges was aware of the fact that Pushpika is in the midst of a divorce case, and therefore should not have been allowed to compete. Is this true?

Caroline Jurie has been involved with the board of judges since the first audition, and she was, in fact, a judge up until the 'Personality Round' of the contest. The five judges for the finals were also chosen by her. Therefore, she had enough time to raise any concerns she had about Pushpika's participation, but instead, she waited till the very last minute. She crowned her and then revealed her issues. This kind of behavior is not what is expected of a civilized individual. 

As the National Director of the pageant, whose side are you on?

I stand by the decision made by the board of judges. Our Mrs. Sri Lanka organization too, stands by this decision. 

Can an individual who is in the midst of a divorce case take part in the contest?

Yes, it is allowed. Only an individual who is legally divorced will not be allowed to compete in the pageant. Pushpika may be in the process of a divorce, however, until a legal judgment is given on the matter, she is still considered a married woman, therefore we cannot comment any further on the matter. 

Were none of the judges aware of Pushpika's marital status?

No, even if she was involved in the process of a divorce, she must have adhered to certain rules and signed an agreement prior to entering the pageant. Caroline was present at all these instances. She even spoke to Pushpika very kindly throughout the competition, so there is no reason for her to claim that Pushpika was ineligible for the Crown at the very last minute.

Kumudu Jayawardena, Tharaka Samman, Rebecca Pavey | Published: 6:02 PM Apr 5 2021

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