Property and land registration to go digital

By Eunice Ruth | Published: 2:00 AM Sep 29 2020
News Property and land registration to go digital

By Eunice Ruth

To improve the property and land registration system, the Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA) has developed a cloud based system which could enter, update, register and transfer data using a digital platform.

The Programme Head of ICTA, Gavashkar Subramaniyam noted that this project will be implemented in Colombo by December 2020 and that by January 2021 it is expected to be implemented in all 45 land registry offices. The pilot project was already completed in February in the Homagama Division Land Registrar’s office and the study of the process, system development and software development part was done with some additional improvements, he added. So far, we have scanned and updated about 45,000 documents to this digital system. 

It is expected to add the online fund transaction feature within the course of next year with the partnership of the Bank of Ceylon, after implementing and monitoring the system in all 45 offices, he added. 

Subramaniyam further noted that normally for the quality assurance process of land registration, it will take 59 days but that by using this system, it can be done within five days. Also, he added the system will help to reduce all paperwork and manual work in the Land Registration Department. 

“In Sri Lanka, there are 150,000 commercial properties which are registered under the Colombo Municipal Council and we are currently working to digitalise everything in those properties also,” he added.

He noted that, this system will reduce the risk of fraud and data manipulation as the encrypted data cannot be edited, and also, using this system, everyone can fulfill their purposes without even visiting building premises.

By Eunice Ruth | Published: 2:00 AM Sep 29 2020

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