Professions Signified by the Twelve Signs

By Vishwamitra | Published: 2:00 AM Mar 20 2021
Horoscope Professions Signified by the Twelve Signs

By Vishwamitra

In a series of articles run previously in the Horoscope, we discussed the professions or occupations signified by the nine planets posited in the 10th House or Karmasthana at birth. We also pointed out in the very first article in that series the need to have a good grasp of the influence that the particular sign falling in the 10th House is due to exert as an important factor to be considered in determining the profession. We have already explained that among other factors that  this influence is further modified by the conjunctions of planets in the signs and the planetary aspects over them.  

Given the significance of each sign or Rashi in relation to the profession, it is essential for the student of Astrology to be conversant with the professions specific to each sign. 

Professions denoted by Aries (Mesha): Aries being a fiery sign, it suggests occupations where fire, iron and metals are involved. Mars being the lord of Aries it also denotes professions associated with qualities specific to Mars such as courage, boldness, dynamism, belligerence, aggressiveness, fighting spirit and violence. Therefore, Aries indicates occupations in the Police, military service and where fire is used. Aries also denotes those who live by acts of violence like criminals and even surgeons who are required to cut up parts of human anatomy for treatment. 

Professions denoted by Taurus (Vrushabha): Taurus is an earthy sign. Therefore, it signifies agricultural pursuits and trades connected with grain. Taurus being the second sign in the Zodiac indicates money and income as well. Taurus, according to great authorities on the subject of profession in India and in the West, signifies house agents, brokers, treasurers and company managers.

As Venus rules this sign and it being a feminine one denotes musicians, actors, artistes, beauticians, fashion designers and those associated with occupations and places specific to women. 

Professions denoted by Gemini (Mithuna): Professions or occupations denoted by Gemini are those related to the main characteristics that Mercury, the planet ruling this sign represents: intellect, scholarship, trade and commerce, communications, transport and imparting knowledge. Therefore, Mercury sign signifies writers, authors, journalists, school teachers, professors, editors, reporters, traders, businessmen, salesmen, engineers and transport workers. 

Professions denoted by Cancer (Kataka): Cancer is a water sign and it is ruled by the Moon which mainly represents the mother,  people in general and the mind. According to the authorities on the subject of profession, Cancer sign denotes pearl and coral merchants, teachers, preachers, caterers, restaurant owners, nurses, dealers in antiques and dealers in milk-products. 

Professions denoted by Leo (Simha): This sign ruled by the Sun represents the government in power, rulers, high positions in the government, stock exchange, exchequer, the mint, gold mines, fire place, forests, hills, palaces and castles. So high political authorities, top executives in the state, those trading in the stock exchange, gold miners and gold jewellery merchants are governed by the Leo sign.

Professions denoted by Virgo (Kanya): This sign is ruled by Mercury. It gives a taste for arts and literature. It also gives an artistic temperament, eloquence, innovative skills and dexterity in manual crafts. Therefore, this sign signifies artists, orators, inventors, writers, artists, skilled craftsmen and inventors among others.

Professions denoted by Libra (Thula): This ruled by Venus represents planes, music, theatre, textiles, perfumery, soap, silver, sugar, general merchandise, legal profession, judiciary, furniture, and sweets among things. Therefore, occupations directly linked to these things are signified by Libra.

Libra is an airy sign ruled by Venus. So when Libra falls in the 10th House, the native is likely to become a musician, aircraft pilot, or a playback singer. According to some authorities on the subject, Libra also signifies valuers, money changers and pawn brokers.  

Professions denoted by Scorpio (Vrushika):  This sign is ruled by Mars. It represents chemicals, medicines, oils, spirits, tea and coffee among other things.  Therefore, druggists, doctors of medicine, chemists and dealers in oils and spirits are signified by Scorpio. Being a watery sign Scorpio also denotes naval ratings, sailors and ship captains. 

Professions denoted by Sagittarius (Dhanu): This sign ruled by Jupiter represents banks, schools, law courts, temples, shrines, bookshops, treasury and religious treatises among other things. Therefore, bankers, teachers, lawyers, priests, bookshop owners, librarians, preachers and priests are signified by Sagittarius.

Professions denoted by Capricorn (Makara): This sign ruled by Saturn indicates lowly jobs, hard labour, mines, coal, plumbing and work in prisons. Therefore  careers such as labourers, scavengers, watchers and jail guards  are denoted by Capricorn. However, if the sign is strong, the native would become a deep thinker who is self-reliant and pragmatic by nature. He would be able to carry out very responsible assignments. This sign indicates political agents, ministers of state as well. 

Professions denoted by Aquarius (Kumbha): This sign which is also owned by Saturn indicates scientific pursuits, research work, inventions, discoveries, atomic theory and electricity among other things.

Electrical appliances, dynamos, railway, buses, defense department, industries, ferries, bridges, and aquatic products and metals are also governed by Aquarius sign. So occupations and professions closely connected to these things are signified by Aquarius. 

Professions denoted by Pisces:  This water sign is ruled by Jupiter.  It denotes fisheries, liquids, foreign trade, oils, rivers, law courts, priesthood, legal profession, diving operations, navigation, shipping, teaching and banking. The occupations or professions which are directly related to above things are signified by Pisces sign.     

By Vishwamitra | Published: 2:00 AM Mar 20 2021

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