Pro-Govt groups obstructing Easter attacks probe – JVP

By Nabiya Vaffoor | Published: 2:00 AM Sep 25 2021
News Pro-Govt groups obstructing Easter attacks probe – JVP

By Nabiya Vaffoor 

The JVP alleged that some pro-Government groups are obstructing investigations into the 2019 Easter Sunday terror attacks and have started attacking Archbishop Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith.

JVP MP Vijitha Herath said the Government is using various groups to provoke racism and extremism again, instead of meting out justice to the victims of the Easter Sunday terror attacks and their families. “Some groups of the Government have now started targeting the Archbishop. It is a threat to national reconciliation.

It is an obstruction to directing the investigation in the right direction. People question the Cardinal who personally intervened in the issue. He is helpless and doesn’t have answers to give the people today. Therefore, he has intervened in the issue again. As a result, he is being attacked by various factions. 

Some saw Cardinal’s intervention regarding the investigations as a plus point those days. But the same people are attacking his views today,” he said. Herath said this was not an issue of the Catholics alone, but an issue concerns all Sri Lankans. “This is an issue of national security and therefore it is important to prevent such an attack in the future. 

Despite all of these, the government is trying to deviate the issue towards another direction,” Herath alleged. Herath said they appreciated the President’s assurance at the UN General Assembly that he would not allow violence of terrorism to rise in the country again. However, the President should put those promises into practice, he stressed. “Steps should be taken to put the assurance, given at the UN General Assembly into practice. Investigations should be conducted to ascertain who masterminded the attack and what their motives were.

 Legal actions should be taken against the culprits instead of deviating from the issue by provoking racial groups in the country,” Herath said. Addressing a media briefing, Herath urged the Government not to shatter the hopes of the Catholic community by making stirring statements and dragging them into clashes.  

By Nabiya Vaffoor | Published: 2:00 AM Sep 25 2021

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