Police study CCTV footage, bus cams

By Keerthi Mendis and Sandeep Tissaaratchy | Published: 2:00 AM Mar 3 2021
News Police study CCTV footage, bus cams

By Keerthi Mendis and Sandeep Tissaaratchy

A decapitated body of a woman, which was found on 1 March by the Dam Street Police, was disposed by an unidentified male who travelled from Hanwella to Colombo on a passenger transport bus, Police Spokesman DIG Ajith Rohana said.

The inquest on the body was conducted yesterday (2), following which the body was transported to the Colombo Police Morgue where a post-mortem was conducted on the same day. 

OIC of the Dam Street Police Ajith Peduruarachchi revealed that six parties from various locations in the country had arrived at the Police Station believing that the victim was their daughter who had previously gone missing. However, the body could not be identified by any of the parties.

Two Police teams had reviewed CCTV footage and identified the suspect who had brought the bag with the body from Pettah to Dam Street. The second team of investigators is reviewing CCTV footage from Hanwella to Avissawella buses in order to find the identity of the suspect.

Police noted the suspect to be fairly well-built and strong individual as he was evidently able to carry the bag around with relative ease. Police suspect he might be a member of the security forces.

CCTV footage revealed the suspect had first arrived at the Hanwella bus station at 11:45 a.m. The suspect then waited at the bus stop for an additional 20 minutes with the bag containing the body. He then boarded a 143 bus from Hanwella to Pettah, easily lifting the bag, which would have weighed around 45 to 50 kg.

The suspect arrived at the Gas Works Junction at 1:30 p.m. It was further revealed that he was carrying a bag around his shoulder that might have contained the woman’s dismembered head. 

The victim’s body had been dismembered with a sharp instrument and Police are conducting investigations to locate the missing head of the victim. 

Police stated the primary aim is to determine where the suspect was from, and the identity of the woman. The post-mortem examination was conducted yesterday (2).

In addition, Police are also trying to determine why the suspect brought the body to Colombo without disposing it in Hanwella or any nearby area.

OIC Peduruarachchi is conducting the investigation following the advice of Colombo Central SSP Samarakoon Banda.

DIG Rohana urged the public to contact the OIC of the Dam Street Police on the number 0718591557 or the Colombo Emergency Centre at 0112433333 if they receive any information regarding the incident. 

By Keerthi Mendis and Sandeep Tissaaratchy | Published: 2:00 AM Mar 3 2021

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