Police make several arrests

BY NAALIR JAMALDEEN | Published: 2:00 AM Jul 30 2021


Vavunathivu Po lice yesterday (29) said that they have arrested seven suspects who had been engaged in illegal sand mining in the Manmunai South area in the Batticaloa District. Meanwhile, the Vavunathivu Police seized 1,200 litres of Goda which had been stored in seven barrels for the purpose of distilling moonshine. 

The suspects had fled the area before the Police arrived at the scene, a senior official of Vavunathivu Police said. Following a tip-off two suspects were arrested by Police in the Sinnakaalapottamadu area for allegedly loading soil into two tractor trailers without a permit. 

Five persons, even though they had permits, were arrested for allegedly transporting soil violating the instructions on the basis of which the permits had been issued. The vehicles were taken into Police custody. The arrests were made by a Police team from the Vavunathivu police led by Sub Inspectors Gunawardena, Wickramasinghe and Police intelligence officer Dinesh Jayaweera on the instructions of OIC Nishantha Appuhamy. 

Vavunathivu Police are conducting further inquiries into these illegal activities. Meanwhile five suspects have been arrested by Police from the Eravur, Batticaloa, Valaichchenai and Vellavely Police Divisions with heroin and for engaging in illegal sand mining. 

A 41-year-old was arrested by the Valaichchenai Police, from the Oddamavadi area, for having four grams of heroin in his possession. A suspect who was transporting 25 bottles of moonshine in the Kulaththumadu area in Vahaneri was also arrested by police. Two individuals who were illegally transporting sand in the Vellavely Police Division were arrested by Police.

BY NAALIR JAMALDEEN | Published: 2:00 AM Jul 30 2021

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