Police Launch ‘Head Hunt’

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Mar 5 2021
News Police Launch ‘Head Hunt’

By Sandeep Tissaaratchy and Keerthi Mendis

Police Spokesman, DIG Ajith Rohana, said the Dam Street Police searched the Hanwella guest house, which the couple checked into on the evening of 28 February, and found blood stains in the room.

CCTV footage further revealed that the suspect purchased a knife and a travelling bag on 1 March morning from two locations in Hanwella Town.

In addition, two special operations have been launched by Police in connection with the decapitated body found on Dam Street on 1 March.

The suspect’s wife had informed Police that the deceased Sub Inspector (SI) had brought a black backpack home, but was unaware of the backpack’s current location. Police believe that this backpack contains the victim’s severed head.

To confirm that the backpack seen by the wife was the same that the SI was carrying, Police are searching for the bus he took from Colombo to Buttala. They hope to question the bus driver and conductor. 

An operation was launched yesterday (4), led by the OIC of the Badalkumbura Police, to search the suspect’s home, nearby forest area, and a well located at the residence, to locate the missing backpack. 

Whilst the backpack was not found, Police found articles of clothing worn by the suspect, as seen on CCTV footage.

The Police Marine Division also launched a separate operation yesterday (4) on suspicion that the SI had thrown the victim’s head into the Kelani River, which was in close proximity to the Hanwella Guest House where they had stayed the night before.

The bag that the victim brought when checking into the guest house on 28 February is yet to be found, and Police suspect that the victim’s head was placed in her bag and dumped into the Kelani River.

The Police stated that the victim is a 30-year-old resident of Theppenawa in Kuruwita. Police Spokesman, DIG Ajith Rohana, said the family of the victim had identified the body on 3 March at the Police Mortuary.

However, the Judicial Medical Officer decided to conduct a DNA test on the victim’s mother to reconfirm the matter.

The autopsy of the victim will be conducted once the DNA tests are taken, while the autopsy of the suspect, who took his own life, was conducted yesterday (4). 

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Mar 5 2021

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