Places to Visit in Puttalam

Compiled by Shafiya Nawzer | Published: 2:00 AM Mar 13 2021
Getaway Places to  Visit in Puttalam

Compiled by Shafiya Nawzer 

Puttalam is the largest town in Puttalam District, North western Province, Sri Lanka. Puttalam is the administrative capital of the Puttalam District and is governed by an Urban Council. Situated 130 kilometres north of Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka, and 95 kilometres north of Negombo. It is well connected to the country’s notable urban establishments. Considered a secret treasure trove, was long left untouched and remained undiscovered for mass tourism for decades.

Tourists keep flocking to Puttalam to explore this thinly populated area in Sri Lanka. The fascinating mixture of cultures and religions turns this region into a place of diverse identity and multifarious approach to human society. 

The tourist attractions here are worth visiting places that turn into a lifetime experience. This area owns many nature reserves which include the popular ones like Wilpattu National Park and the Puttalam Lagoon amongst others.

The Northwestern province of this region is blessed with the lush green and wild areas with the looming rocks that rise sharply from the earth and the pensive reservoirs turning it a scintillating one. You can spot the circling storks and eagles, flashing kingfishers, rare wild animals and birds to beautiful water lilies that fascinate you. There are several places to visit in Puttalam and indeed they often make it difficult for you to make a selection for your itinerary.

You must plan accordingly to explore the most popular places in Puttalam. If you are looking for nightlife, you can consider an off-the-beaten-track at a park an overnight stay. Kulu Safaris are popular places for people willing to enjoy superb safari-style camping options. Apart from various tourist attractions, parks, monuments, flora, and fauna, this area remains equally famous for its restaurants. Their innovative, authentic Asian cuisines with a lively and convivial atmosphere make your tour more meaningful while you taste yummy recipes there.

The town has five or six large schools catering to the educational needs of the population of Puttalam and the surrounding villages. Daily bus transport is available to major cities like Colombo, Kurunegala, Kandy, and Anuradhapura. There is a train service between Puttalam and Colombo. For individual travel within the city, people use bicycles and motorbikes. Very few own cars. Three-wheelers and van taxi services are freely available.

Although not known much historically like Kandy and Anuradhapura or not home to beautiful scenic views like Nuwara-Eliya, Puttalam has everything a quintessential Sri Lankan town could offer.

Kalpitiya Beach

Have you ever seen dolphins dancing? Well, on the beaches of Kalpitiya this is an ordinary sight. You simply can’t miss the chance of witnessing the Dolphins jostling and playing in the waters. If you want to have a clear view of these dolphins, you can simply hop onto one of the boat safaris.

Kalpitiya is a small beach located in the Northwestern Province Puttalam of Sri Lanka. The beach provides a spectacular view of the Blue Ocean, golden sand and Virgin Island. The Kalpitiya beach never minds boasting of its bar reefs too.

Kalpitiya |Diving Centre

Kalpitiya Diving Centre is a popular name amongst the tourists as well as locals. As Kalpitiya is a lagoon with a total area of 16.73km, it remains a must-visit site in Sri Lanka. This lagoon comprises 14 islands which make it a perfect destination for visitors. They are allowed to involve in numerous activities besides the usual one of sightseeing. It offers great scope for adventure watersports activities as well. Enriched with a variety of fish species, this place has indeed become one of the leading dry-fish production areas in Sri Lanka. Famous for the pearls in history, it receives tourists who are willing to explore the marine ecosystem with the diversity of habitats. They usually range from the bar reefs to flat coastal plains to saltpans amongst others.

Margarita Village and Kite Surfing School

If you are planning your Sri Lanka tour to make it an opportunity to learn and delve into kitesurfing activities, then Puttalam would definitely prove to be the best destination for you. One of the popular kitesurfing schools in Kalpitiya, Margarita Kite School is located in the Margarita village. It serves as the best kitesurfing school in Kalpitiya today.

 Adventure lovers always love to experience kite-surfing activities. If you are looking for a similar such experience, then Margarita Village is a great choice for you. Margarita Village Kitesurfing School Manager is a Spanish certified kite-surfing instructor and has years of experience in the industry. This school ensures the personalised Kite-surfing lessons and kite-surfing courses in a very safe environment and under the guidance of professional and certified IKO instructors. Some popular spots for such activities include Kalpitiya Lagoon, Dream Spot, Ilimpattivu Island and Vella Island amongst others which offer an excellent opportunity.

They are equipped with the latest equipment to ascertain that tourists learn such skills without any hassle and in a safe, secure, and friendly environment. This is one of those activities to do Puttalam that you certainly shouldn’t miss out!

Munneswaram Hindu Temple

Munneswaram Hindu Temple is one of the most popular regional Hindu temples in Puttalam, Sri Lanka. Opened for the devotees since 1000 CE, it is believed to be associated with the Indian epic of Ramayana and Lord Ram. Located in the famous Munneswaram area, this temple is considered to be one of the five ancient temples that are dedicated to Shiva in the region.

Almost all major Hindu festivals are celebrated here with pomp and show. You can plan your visit during the festival time to see its charm, beauty, and decoration.

St. Anne’s Church

While planning your Sri Lanka tour itinerary, you must add St. Anne’s Church, Thalawila to it. It is a great place to visit with family and friends. People of all faiths visit here to have a look at its architectural beauty. Tourists participate in the joint prayers and take part in various activities, including bathing in the sea.

As the water bodies here are exceedingly rich in biodiversity and are home to an incredible variety of tropical fishes in the nearby sea area, visitors can witness the presence of the great sightings of manta rays, reef sharks, and sea turtles amongst others. The church rooms are lovely and offer all the required facilities for the pilgrimage purpose.

Compiled by Shafiya Nawzer | Published: 2:00 AM Mar 13 2021

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