Permanent sticker system from today

By Treshan Fernando | Published: 12:40 AM Jun 7 2021
News Permanent sticker system from today

By Treshan Fernando

Police will adopt a permanent sticker system from today (7) to allow workers, needed for essential services, to travel easily during travel restrictions, without being subjected to multiple inspections, Police Spokesman DIG Ajith Rohana said. He added that these new stickers will be valid until the end of travel restrictions. 

There will be 11 types of stickers that will be pasted on vehicles at various checkpoints in Colombo from today. The stickers will be pasted at Negombo Road, Expressway entry points, Kandy Road, Low-level Road, High-level Road, Parliament Road, Galle Road and a few other locations.

 The stickers will have different colours which will indicate the different types of essential service workers. The green stickers will be pasted on those working in the health sector, light blue stickers on vehicles of the tri-forces and purple stickers to indicate those working in essential services from the private sector. 

Those working in export-oriented sector will be given a light brown sticker, essential suppliers and essential goods traders will be given the yellow and red stickers respectively, and the media will be given an orange sticker. Those who must travel for necessities such as for medical reasons or travelling to and from the airport and delivery service workers will be given the white sticker. 

DIG Rohana stressed that the sticker will also have the number of people travelling in the vehicle written on the sticker and Police will collect the NIC numbers of passengers as well. The number of passengers will be noted on the sticker and DIG Rohana said that this number should not be exceeded. 

In addition, he told the media that only those who have given their NIC numbers to Police when pasting the sticker can travel in the vehicle. He stressed that the vehicle with the sticker should not be used for any other purposes other than for travelling to and from their workplace. Those violating this stipulation would be reprimanded by Police and the vehicle would be taken into custody, DIG Rohana added. 

Those travelling with the sticker are still required to always keep their NICs and the letter from their workplace with them, DIG Rohana explained. He also noted that there may be queues forming at checkpoints today morning and he urged those heading to work to leave early to avoid facing delays. 

DIG Rohana maintained that whilst there may be delays today, in the future this will be more convenient for the public. Additionally, DIG Rohana also warned the public that they should not tamper with or damage the sticker. Police will begin applying stickers from today and they will continue this system for a few days.

By Treshan Fernando | Published: 12:40 AM Jun 7 2021

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