People’s Bank opens facility in Pasikuda

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Apr 12 2021
FT People’s Bank opens facility in Pasikuda

People’s Bank recently opened its state-of-the-art Staff Training Centre with accommodation facilities in accordance with Green Building concept in Pasikuda. The Facility consists of five two-storey buildings including an auditorium, two dormitories, restaurant, a kitchen, staff accommodation and a reception hall.

The Staff Training Centre and Accommodation in Pasikuda is the first Green Building project undertaken by the Engineering Services Department of People’s Bank. The buildings of the Training Centre are designed to utilise solar power to meet 90% of its energy requirement with solar panels that are installed on the roofs of the buildings. The buildings are specially designed for natural ventilation to minimise energy consumption.

The centre also has a Waste Treatment Plant, which treats all the waste and sewer water discharge, redistributes it to the landscaped areas of the premises.

There is also a Portable Water Treatment plant which consists of a well that is treated by a RO plant to provide drinking and washing water for the training centre. 

The Training Centre was built on the foundations of People’s Banks ‘People’s Green Pulse’ environmental policy, which cements the bank’s commitment to push towards a greener future through focused environmental management initiatives while, managing, measuring and mitigating their environmental impact. 

People’s Bank also promotes responsible lending by educating new recruits and employees on the ethics of the same, which encompass both social and environmental impacts of lending. Both aspects are assessed thoroughly before any lending decisions are made. Additionally, compliance to all the relevant environmental regulations such as CEA licensing of clients and the environmental impacts of all business operations are assessed prior to approval of any lending.

Sujeewa Rajapaksa – Chairman, People’s Bank, Ranjith Kodituwakku – Chief Executive Officer/ General Manager, People’s Bank, Mahinda Premanath – Deputy General Manager (Channel Management), People’s Bank, Lalith Vithana – Acting Director General Manager (Banking Support), People’s Bank and E.A.P Sisira Kumar – Batticaloa Regional Manager, People’s Bank, and other Bank Officials and Staff were present at the opening of the Training Centre.  

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Apr 12 2021

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