Pedals Jute Platforms

By Shabna Cader | Published: 2:00 AM Apr 3 2021
Glamour Pedals Jute Platforms

By Shabna Cader

If you haven’t heard of Pedals Footwear, then here’s your little inside ticket to what the home-grown brand is all about. The process undergoes a careful selection of both organic and sustainable fabric, the sourcing of recycled rubber, synthetic-free glue and attention to detail to yield a pair of Pedals. I came to know of the brand through the Good Market, where they have had a stall for some time and noticed how great the quality of the footwear was.

After a chat with the owner, I came to know that they are hand sewn, resulting in simple designs that do stand out for their authenticity rather than for some flashy look. I’d been looking for a pair of platform shoes, also called wedges, and really liked the look of theirs in a deep yet bright hue of blue. The cost is pretty much how much you’d pay for a pair that is less sustainable and not ethically sourced so it bumped up the reasons why I should get it in terms of breaking into the wallet. As for comfort, I was allowed to try it on and feel what it was like to wear and walk around in them – the verdict; I bought it! To date, it’s one of my favourite pairs of shoes. Look them up on IG or their direct website if you happen to be looking for a pair of new footwear. You will not be disappointed.

By Shabna Cader | Published: 2:00 AM Apr 3 2021

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