Over 1,600 Jaffna Youth Join SLA

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Apr 19 2021
News Over 1,600 Jaffna Youth Join SLA

Enlistment of more than 1,600 Jaffna Tamil boys and girls  have joined the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) during the ongoing recruitment drive in the past three months reassures the faith and high regard these youth have towards the SLA, quoting Army Commander General Shavendra Silva last Monday (12) said.

Addressing the defence forces in the Peninsula he said, “ Similarly, more than 7,000 of you, including those of the Air Force are dedicatedly engaged in COVID-19 control work in Jaffna, spending sleepless nights and preventing its spread while simultaneously taking care of the infected at the risk of  their own lives.”

He also said, “Since the conclusion of the war for peace, all of you have been accomplishing an exemplary and dedicated role to enhance Jaffna civilians' livelihood income sources, development of infrastructure, construction of houses for the needy, schools, community halls, distribution of push cycles, books and school accessories, etc while performing civil-military cooperation projects on a large scale.

I know all of you while attaching priority to national security concerns have been throwing your full weight behind control of all forms of anti-social and smuggling activities in the Peninsula, giving focus largely on sea routes, even without taking routine leave turns.  It is also pertinent to remember that your bounden duty remains with the question of national security. You all have tirelessly worked hand in hand with the Police authorities in the control of anti social elements, resurgence of terrorism, drugs and smuggling. Your invaluable gestures of reconciliation have produced positive results and the absence of any issues against you in civil society alone justifies the fact that you have done your sacred duty in a noble manner.”

He also said that the building of the Defence Service Headquarters complex at Sri Jayewardenepura has been now expedited and   their sister services could also be relocated soon after its completion.(PA) 

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Apr 19 2021

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