GMOA decry online selling of liquor; call it a conspiracy

Tharaka Samman (DM) | Published: 8:07 PM Jun 16 2021
Local GMOA decry online selling of liquor; call it a conspiracy

Government's decision to allow online selling of liquor came under severe criticism by medical practitioners in the country.

They said the move sets a bad precedence while also raising concerns of an ongoing 'conspiracy' to increase the numbers of sick people at a time majority of population is already affected by COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Prasad Colombage, member of the Government Medical Officers' Association (GMOA) addressing media today (16), pointed out that authorities that failed to create a proper mechanism to provide food to the people and for traders to sell their goods have created a mechanism to sell liquor.

Dr. Colombage said the development of a mechanism to deliver liquor quickly is alarming given same enthusiasm was not demonstrated to develop a mechanism to deliver pension to pensioners at their homes or deliver medicines to people from hospitals.

He further said that this appears to be some kind of a conspiracy operating in the country.

The GMOA member said that when there is a difficulty in controlling the spread of COVID-19, they are trying to socialize liqour to increase the number of patients and the number of accidents as a side effect of liquor and to increase domestic violence.

Dr. Colombage pointed out that not only the health and security forces but even the general public will be inconvenienced through this.

"People who are addicted to alcohol find it very difficult, but at the moment they are in control and somehow stay at home. It is shameful that a solution of supplying alcohol to targeted addicts is being provided to them."

Dr. Colombage further stated that approximately 63 people die every day due to alcohol consumption and about 23,000 die every year.

He said in a country where about 60 COVID-19 deaths are reported daily, it is very unfortunate that the necessary environment to cause more than 100 deaths a day is being created.

Tharaka Samman (DM) | Published: 8:07 PM Jun 16 2021

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