One-metre rule in public transport not feasible – Gemunu

By Eunice Ruth | Published: 2:00 AM Sep 30 2020

By Eunice Ruth

The Government should implement a policy to strictly follow COVID-19 related health guidelines in public transport and to regularly check on the adherence to the guidelines that need to be conducted in public transport, said the President of the Lanka Private Bus Owners’ Association, Gemunu Wijeratne.

When contacted yesterday (29), he noted that currently we cannot follow a one metre social distance within public transport. Because of that, it is the responsibility of the public to protect themselves from the virus spreading, by wearing masks and sanitising their hands, he added.

Wijeratne said that now the public of Sri Lanka is careless about the virus spread. “However, if it continues within the country, we will have to face the consequent spread of the deadly COVID-19. Some passengers are not following any health guidelines in public transport, as well as while walking on the road”. He opines this attitude needs to be arrested immediately to prevent the virus spread and the relevant authority should take action against the persons who are not keeping to the health guidelines. We expect to make the public aware of this with the support of the Police and are also planning to conduct a session for public transport conductors, drivers and others regarding the rules which need to be followed in public transport,” said Wijeratne.

The Deputy General Manager of Operations of the Sri Lanka Transport Board, Panduka Swarnahansa noted that they will also do the needful by making drivers and conductors aware of this, by checking on passengers before getting into the public transport. In addition, he requested the public to strictly follow the health guidelines to save themselves, as well as the country from another outbreak.  

By Eunice Ruth | Published: 2:00 AM Sep 30 2020

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