NOC refutes allegations

By Wichithra Weerasinghe IN TOKYO | Published: 2:10 AM Jul 29 2021

By Wichithra Weerasinghe IN TOKYO 

The NOC during a media conference held yesterday revealed that there was no truth to the allegation made that the Sri Lankan contingent taking part at the ongoing 32nd Tokyo Olympic Games had not been supplied with jerseys containing the Sri Lankan national flag or its emblem. Secretary of NOC Maxwell de Silva said: “It was for the first time in history that we had received sponsorship amounting to Rs. 3.5 million for sportsmen and women competing at the Olympics. 

The sponsorship was for the supply of caps, official uniforms, jackets, bags etc. It was due to this sponsorship that we were able to provide the necessary facilities to our competitors and their trainers. It was also decided by us to provide six of our athletes with a relief package to compete at the Tokyo Games.” Head of NOC Suresh Subramanium said: “I have to say that the relevant Sports Associations should be held accountable over the setback experienced by our athletes in Japan. 

If these athletes had made an impact then we could have sent a bigger contingent to these Games. Some of these Unions might be upset with me for making such remarks, but this is the truth and I am not afraid to utter it. We intend to hold talks with the Ministry of Sports, the Ministry of Education and Sports Associations and formulate a programme to provide overseas training to skilled athletes in future.” Meanwhile, it has been reported that the balls used for baseball at the Tokyo Games has been manufactured in Sri Lanka. Publishing a post in his Twitter page, subject Minister Namal Rajapaksa stated that Sri Lanka being able to win over the world market in the production of sports goods should augur well for its economy.

By Wichithra Weerasinghe IN TOKYO | Published: 2:10 AM Jul 29 2021

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