No Amendment to SLR Constitution

By Asanka Gammanpila | Published: 2:00 AM Oct 29 2020
Sports No Amendment to SLR Constitution

By Asanka Gammanpila

Five out of seven Provincial Unions affiliated to Sri Lanka Rugby (SLR) unanimously decided to back the previous system, where all ‘A’ Division clubs come under Provincial Unions, at the Special General Meeting (SGM) held online on Tuesday (via Zoom) due to the current COVID-19 situation in the country.

Previously the former Committee under President Lasitha Gunaratne wanted to hold an SGM on 19 June 2020 to pass the new amendment for its Constitution, which would allow ‘A’ Division founder clubs to get full membership with voting rights before the (SLR) election, but Ministry of Sports had informed SLR to make amendments, if any, after Election/AGM was conducted.

Only five Provincial Unions who were eligible to vote and had voted at the AGM – Central Province, Southern Province, North Central Province, Sabaragamuwa and Wayamba Province – took part in the online meeting and given the green light to follow the old system.   Two other Provinces did not take part in the SGM were Uva and Western due to both Provinces being barred from voting at the AGM by the Election Committee.

 Speaking to Ceylon Today SLR President Rizly Illyas confirmed no amendment will be made to the SLR Constitution and all ‘A’ Division clubs will come under the Provincial Union system which was followed previously. “As SLR President I don’t believe that the amendment would have brought any change to the current structure, as already every ‘A’ Division club is represented in the SLR council with a vote. Currently all ‘A’ Division clubs are represented at the SLR council,” said Illyas. 

“I strongly believe the new amendment that was to be approved was orchestrated to suit some individuals to be re-elected and remain in power. After the Sports Ministry gave a directive to postpone the SGM, and after the club’s and Provincial Unions had enough time to go through the amendments after the AGM, they rightfully rejected same,” said Illyas. 

Illyas further said apart from CH and FC, all other club representatives were very knowledgeable, and it is difficult to understand why CH & FC – who has such a rich history – did not send a qualified rep to the SLR council, as the constitution clearly stated the representative should have represented an ‘A’ Division club to be a council member .

By Asanka Gammanpila | Published: 2:00 AM Oct 29 2020

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