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By Sadira Sittampalam | Published: 2:00 AM Dec 25 2021
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By Sadira Sittampalam

If there is one thing we all love about the end of the year, it is throwing a nice party, whether it is with a few loved ones or a bunch of people looking to get ‘loose’ on the last day of the year. The best way to make this night unforgettable and make it a smooth transition into the next year is by decorating your house to set the mood for the night. All New Year’s parties deserve some glitz and glamour so it’s more important than ever for you to pull out all the stops for your New Year decor. \

Especially with the last two years being some of the most challenging for most of us, it is always a good idea to end the year on a positive note, signalling a new more positive future that comes with 2022. So when it comes to celebrating New Year at home, it is all about adding shiny decorations and metallics into your home. Gold, Silver or a careful mix of the two metals can add a lot of class to your space and make your party feel very sophisticated but at the same time, really fun. 

Make use of your Christmas tree

You probably will still have your Christmas tree up by the time New Year rolls around, but instead of taking it down to make way for other New Year decorations, you should just replace any colourful red/green decorations and replace them with metallic ones. Hanging various gold and silver ornaments on the tree makes it feel a lot more like New Year rather than Christmas. 

You can even display a banner across the front of the tree with a large 2022 written on it to really make the distinction. In general, this is the best way to repurpose any old Christmas decorations you have, just swap a few of the more colourful ones for some sleek silver and golds. If you are wondering what to do with any string lights the answer is always, leave them up as colourful lights always add a lot of energy to the room. 

Moreover, if you have tinsel from your Christmas celebrations, you can use this to make more New Year party decor by stringing these pieces into a 2022 sign by sticking it to some old cardboard with hot glue. All you have to do is make sure the card is fully covered up with the tinsel and you are good to go! You can hang up this banner anywhere in the house using some thumbtacks or some string and is a really fun activity to do with kids as well. 

Keep in mind the idea of Champagne bubbles

If there is anything that is connected with the idea of New Year, it is champagne bubbles. A lot of the decor that people use for New Year is connected with this, and it manifests in a number of ways. Some people opt to get pink and gold balloons which can be placed at the entrance or doorway of your home to give off the idea of overflowing champagne. However, there are plenty more ideas that follow the same vein such as hanging bubbly ball decorations from the ceiling. 

This idea is also pretty inexpensive to make as all you have to purchase is some foam balls and a bunch of cupcake liners. You take the cupcake liners, and paste them all over the ball to create a lovely textured ball that you can then hang from your ceiling with some string. 

Big Metallic Balloons with gifts hanging on the ends

Balloons are a necessary addition to any New Years event but you can spice up this portion of your decor by getting some big metallic balloons and hanging a few gifts on the ends of them so that guests can be surprised with small chocolates or candy because who doesn’t love candy? These big balloons out loose in your space transforms any gathering into an event. They also make the bash feel a lot more classy and well-put-together. You can also get a large 2022 set of balloons to really drive the message home about the coming year. 

New Year hats

While New Year Hats may not sound like the most adult thing to have at a New Year Party this is an activity and decor opportunity that can really bring out the child in everyone. You can add a small make-your-own-hat station by getting some plain plastic top hats along with a nice selection of basic craft supplies like colourful stickers, streamers, colourful markers and anything else you can find at your local stationery shop. This way, anyone who wants a fun activity to do during the party, can stop at this craft station and create something that represents themselves. This would also give you a lot more photo opportunities and will let everyone unleash their inner creativity. 

Countdown clocks

The countdown clock is a traditional symbol of the New Year. You can buy old clocks and display them in various parts of your home to reference the famous countdown. You can even invest in a small alarm clock that will ring as the clock strikes midnight. If you don’t want to invest in an actual clock for the New Year, you can also opt to get certain clock-like decorations. There are balloons you can buy which are printed with a clock. 

Happy New Year banner

You need to have at least one ‘Happy New Year!’ gold banner in your home for the night. Not only is this important so that all your guests can have that one Instagrammable shot for the night but also because this really ties all of the New Year party ideas together under one title. A gold banner is always nice as it makes the New Year seem bright and golden. 


Every New Year party isn’t complete without confetti. This is what truly signals a new year as it is basically the home-party alternative to fireworks. It spreads joy and cheer around the room as the clock turns to midnight. You can get mini-confetti shooters and distribute this around right before the countdown so that everyone can let them loose at the same time. You can also add more confetti such as star confetti all around the room on the floors and furniture to have that touch of glitter and sparkle to every part of your space. 

New Year resolution board

You can add a large board to your space where guests can go to jot down a resolution of theirs for the next year. One of the best ways for any New Year resolution to stick is by sharing it with other people so that they can encourage you to continue if you ever feel like giving up. Therefore, this brings a lot of community spirit and can help people start the year on a positive note, giving them an opportunity to improve something about themselves.  

By Sadira Sittampalam | Published: 2:00 AM Dec 25 2021

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