New tech to help Police nab intoxicated drivers

By Keerthi Mendis | Published: 2:00 AM Aug 1 2020

By Keerthi Mendis

The Police will adopt new technology to help apprehend those driving under the influence of illegal drugs. 

Senior Inspector of Police and Director of Motor Traffic, Indika Hapugoda said the new technology would help identify 12 types of illegal drugs.

The Motor Traffic Department is already equipped with two methods of apprehending intoxicated motorists. 

One method is to make drivers undergo a medical test to ascertain whether they had been under the influence of alcohol, while the other method is the breathalyser test. 

Although there is no surefire method to check whether a motorist has driven under the influence, Traffic Police had so far confirmed such cases by subjecting offenders to medical tests.

Also, surveys conducted into the spike in road accidents had revealed that drivers of buses and tipper trucks had taken illegal drugs.

The new technology which has been named the Multi Drug Rapid Test Cup has been produced in the United States and stocks of the new equipment have already been provided to the National Dangerous Drugs Control Board, the Ministry of Passenger Transport and the Department of Motor Traffic.

Hapugoda said the Police Department had decided to adopt the technology based on recommendations received from these institutions. 

It is said the equipment is priced between Rs 1,200-1,500, will be distributed to all Police stations. 

The Police said the Multi Drug Rapid Test Cup is applied orally and that a light would flash to indicate the type of drug consumed by the suspect based on his or her saliva samples.

By Keerthi Mendis | Published: 2:00 AM Aug 1 2020

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