NDB and CRIB to facilitate online iReport, Score

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Jun 18 2021

NDB Bank becomes the first player in the banking industry to tie up with the Credit Information Bureau (CRIB) to create a hassle free and convenient method to help customers register and request their individual credit reports (iReport) and individual credit score reports (CRIB Score) from wherever they are in Sri Lanka through NDB NEOS. 

NDB Director/Group CEO Dimantha Seneviratne said that the bank is always ready to meet the demands of their customers as and when the need arises. 

“The pandemic situation has brought about unprecedented changes in the industry and we have strategised in response to these changes well, ensuring continued support to our customers. With this latest partnership, we have taken digital banking to a whole new level, making it easy and convenient for all customers. Earlier, even if you were outstation, you had to come to the CRIB premises to obtain the report or register for the online service. 

However, NDB has made it 100 per cent convenient for our customers to register and request for their reports via their NEOS mobile app.” Accordingly, no paperwork is required to register for individual credit reports or individual credit score reports via NDB NEOS. 

Further, no additional verification such as video call or physical verification processes are needed since the customer is already verified. The customer has to simply register once for the CRIB report request service through NDB NEOS. As with all NEOS transactions, this too offers hassle free online payment options through the customer’s NDB accounts. 

Registration is provided free of charge. “CRIB continues to expand, simplify and improve on its existing on-line service and product distribution modalities, whilst always ensuring that – You are, who you say you are, before we release your CRIB report or score to you. 

This collaboration and new development, provides yet another simplified option where the individual can simply apply for a report through the mobile banking application of the relevant CRIB member Institution, which then delivers to CRIB an already validated profile of that Individual.

 CRIB further validates and registers the individual, before delivering the report direct to that individual, in a secure manner,” CRIB’s Director, General Manager Nandi Anthony said, adding “Other Banking and Non-Banking member lending institutions of CRIB are also expected to soon follow suit.”

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Jun 18 2021

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