Natural Immunity Boosters for Coronavirus

By Methmal Subasinghe | Published: 2:00 AM Nov 14 2020
Health Natural Immunity Boosters for Coronavirus

By Methmal Subasinghe

COVID-19 the deadly virus has brought the entire world to a standstill. The medical efforts with advanced science and technology are to no avail concerning the COVID-19 pandemic that has no medicine to cure the severe acute respiratory syndrome. The medicines that are claiming to cure the particular respiratory complications caused by COVID-19 have faced controversy.

Giving hope to many, recently a new vaccine which is said to be more effective than the previous one has been developed jointly by American - German company. However, the effectiveness of it is yet to be proven.

Foreign media reported that the trial of a COVID-19 vaccine that was developed by Oxford University failed and the death of a volunteer in Brazil occurred while testing that vaccine to cure COVID-19. However, despite the death of the COVID-19 positive Brazilian volunteer, Oxford University said that they are to continue with the trial. Even China came up with a vaccine to cure COVID-19 complications but has not gained any significant success.

Nevertheless, Russia was the first country in the world to approve a vaccine against coronavirus respiratory syndrome.

President Vladimir Putin announced the Moscow vaccine approval and he permitted the administration of it to his daughter. This first vaccine against the deadly coronavirus syndrome could ignite hope in patients infected with COVID-19 and also in nations that were haunted by this unprecedented virus. This too attained little success.

COVID-19 is indeed a deadly challenge that nations are conformed with to which no cure has been found and fears in people increase.

We should not let fear and uncertainty tear us down physically and psychologically.  If we lose our spirit, it can affect the immune system and will make us more susceptible to illness, and most importantly this novel coronavirus.

Hence there is no vaccine or medicine we must take extra care of our lives. While adhering to all the healthcare solutions put forward by the World Health Organisation and the local medical authorities, we must pay attention to strengthen our immune system. For that, we do not need to spend thumping amounts on sophisticated medicines or vaccines. We can easily see the ancient wisdom to boost our health and immunity. Unlike some medicines and vaccines, they are not expensive and also can be found in our surroundings easily. They sometimes act as the food itself and are also viable medicines. We can utilise the ancient herbs, plants, and food types to boost our immunity to fight against the virus. The advantage of such herbs is that they hardly have side effects. Hence incorporating such food items with medicinal values can be highly beneficial. Research has found that coriander is rich in immune-boosting antioxidants. During ancient times in Sri Lanka as well as in many other Asian countries, coriander was used as a palatable beverage to fight viral infections and flu.

This herb also has other benefits such as improved digestion, anti-inflammatory effects, and lowering blood sugar. Coriander is one of the ingredients in curry powder that is compulsorily added in curries in Sri Lanka and many Asian and African countries as a flavour enhancer.  Adding coriander to the diet is a proven way to keep infections at bay. Boiled coriander seeds can be taken as a beverage any time in the day instead of your regular cup of tea or coffee. Since it has no pungent taste, tea or coffee can be replaced by a cup of boiled coriander seeds.

Some highly effective immunity-boosting ingredients can be found in our kitchens such as garlic, turmeric, and spring onions. If we incorporate these ingredients into our daily diet; it can help bolster the immunity in our body. Ayurveda recommends highly effective beverages to boost immunity which are also tasty to drink. According to Ayurveda doctors such highly effective immunity-boosting beverages can be prepared with commonly available ingredients at homes such as garlic, ginger, and coriander. These beverages are proven to fight viruses to keep us healthy and fit. An ancient recipe for immunity boosting beverage: boil one litre of spring water with a piece of ginger, four teaspoons of coriander seeds and fistful fresh mint leaves, three cloves of garlic, and few leaflets of curry leaves. Strain it and let it cool down to a drinkable temperature and add two teaspoons of wild bee honey. This beverage can be taken at any time of the day instead of tea or coffee. Add one teaspoon of cinnamon powder to warm water and then add bee honey to taste and drink.

Fruits and vegetables with vitamin C are said to enhance immunity. Include such fruits and vegetables often in the diet. Orange and lime juice are also effective. The effectiveness of orange or lime juice can be increased by adding a teaspoon of ginger juice and wild bee honey.

Another ingredient that has medicinal value in fighting infection is black seeds. Prophet Muhammad is reported to have said that black seed can cure any disease other than death. Hence black seeds can be of immense benefit in fighting COVID-19. In ancient Arabia, people used to have a teaspoon of black seeds with pure honey to stay healthy and keep infections at bay. If you can take one teaspoon of black seeds with a teaspoon of bee honey daily it can be highly effective in preparing your body to fight viral infections.

Without being demoralised or being afraid of the widely spreading coronavirus, it is our responsibility as citizens to do our duty to halt the spread of COVID-19 while taking care of our health.

The foods and beverages mentioned above are a sure way to enhance our health and it is wise to incorporate them in our meals in recommended amounts.

The writer is MBBS undergraduate of faculty of medicine, university of Peradeniya. He also holds a higher Diploma in Exercise and Sport Science and is also a freelance fitness consultant.   

By Methmal Subasinghe | Published: 2:00 AM Nov 14 2020

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