Natal Solar Month Shows Your Nature – Part 13: Character Portrayal of Those Born in the Solar Month of Pisces

By Vishwamitra | Published: 2:00 AM Jan 16 2021

By Vishwamitra

The Sun in its annual journey round the Zodiac moves in the Solar sign of Pisces from 15 March to 13 April and those born during this period are called Pisces subjects. 

Possess psychic powers

We know that those born when the sign of Pisces is rising in the horizon are assigned the Pisces Lagna and those born into the Pisces Lagna are greatly influenced by the characteristics of the Pisces sign and those born during the Solar month of Pisces too are influenced by the Pisces sign. The Pisces subjects, be they of the Pisces Lagna or of the Pisces solar month possess psychic powers. Physically they are not strong. 

Calm and placid exterior

Pisces people usually maintain a calm placid exterior.  But inwardly they are very unstable as they are subject to strong emotions.  They are very sensitive, and they would go into a flurry even over a trivial matter.  Sometimes they would take to drugs or alcohol to drown their sorrows or overcome their ruffled feelings.  

Lovers of art and beauty 

Pisces subjects are lovers of art and beauty. They are charitable and generous. They have a keen sense of gratitude. 

Pisces people do not get reliable friends and one of them would turn a Judas at a decisive hour in their life

Not revengeful

These subjects do not get easily provoked. Once provoked, they are slow to cool down.  Unlike Scorpio people, Pisces people do not harbour ill will or malice towards anyone. Therefore, they are not revengeful.

Pisces  people are quick to change their opinion on a given issue. They do not like to stick to one profession or one workplace either. If the native happens to be a male, he would have an intimate affair with a widow which would turn out to be scandalous. 

Astrologers say that Pisces subjects are usually loquacious, and some go to the extent of being garrulous. 

Attain high position by perseverance

Generally, Pisces subjects attain high positions by the dint of sheer perseverance.  They do well in art, literature and poetry.

The Pisces sign rules the feet and the lymphatic system, and they are prone to diseases that can affect these parts of the anatomy.

Ideal marriage partner

Persons born during the Solar month of Pisces are advised to marry a person of the same sign or of Cancer or Scorpio.      

By Vishwamitra | Published: 2:00 AM Jan 16 2021

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