My Experience with the Apple AirTag

By Banu Athuraliya | Published: 2:16 PM Jun 12 2021
Tech Talk My Experience with the Apple AirTag

By Banu Athuraliya

Apple is a company loved by many for iPhones, iPads, Macs and other Apple services all linking to the Apple Eco System. Over the years they have been adding new accessories into their lineup one by one to be a great companion to the main products they sell. The newest one from Apple is called AirTag and it was launched at the special spring launch event alongside the new iPad Pro and colourful iMacs. I got my hands on the AirTag as soon as it launched to try it out, and now after using it for around two weeks, let me share my experience with you.

 The AirTag is basically a gadget introduced by Apple for you to keep track of your belongings. Let's assume you always lose your keys - well now you can attach an AirTag to it so you can easily find it. You can use an AirTag with anything, like your wallet, purse, and vehicle or even find your pet! AirTags are accompanied with either key-tags or other accessories like bag loops that Apple has introduced too.

 How the AirTag works is a part of the Find My Network. This is the same system that Apple uses to let users see their favourite Apple devices. Adding an AirTag as an accessory will build on top of that experience and make it easier to keep track of your things.

 Talking about pricing an individual AirTag costs $29 from the Apple Store, but Apple also sells a pack of 4, which is priced at $99, which I think is a great deal. It's so nice to see a value for money product coming from Apple for a change. I purchased the 4 pack AirTag to test it out. I already have done the unboxing and setup of AirTags on my YouTube channel ‘Andro Dollar’ so if you're interested in seeing what you get in the box when you pick a pack of 4 and how to configure it with your iPhone.

 I set up the AirTag with my Wallet, after unboxing it; I just had to bring it closer to the iPhone and it gets detected, after that, you just have to link it as an item to your device, I have shown this in my video at and then you have to select the type of item it is. In my case, I selected Wallet and then it was linked to my Apple ID. Now I can see the AirTag through the find my network on all my Apple devices, which is neat. Not only does the device show up on the Map, but also you can play a sound from the AirTag itself and also use the find feature to use precise findings, no matter where you are to easily track your object. This is all possible thanks to the ultra-wideband technology built into the latest iPhones. It's hard to put it to words how thing tiny gadget works, so I would advise you to check out my video to get the real impression of it.

 AirTag will continuously communicate securely with your iPhone or Apple devices in the background and always keep the location of your AirTags up to date. Even if you lose your AirTag, it will ping any nearby devices and will let you find it. The smaller size of the AirTag makes it easier to put it on anything, and it looks pretty nice too. I got a couple of key tags as well but for my wallet particularly I don't use that. I just have an AirTag barebone inside my wallet.

 Now let's say you lose your AirTag, or leave it somewhere completely different. Now you can put it on lost mode. If another user finds your AirTag, when they scan it, it will show your lost message. This works with NFC and the great thing is that it works not only on iPhones but also works on Android devices. This will take them to a website with information on how to contact you. How awesome is that coming from Apple!

 If you're thinking about privacy with the AirTag, Apple says they have addressed it but some people have pointed out some loopholes already. As more people keep using AirTags we will see Apple enhancing the privacy of this new product lineup.

 AirTag is a cool device priced well you should add to your accessories if you own a lot of Apple devices. If you always lose your phone or keys, this is a great option. Unlike the competitor products, the advantage Apple has in this domain is the range of devices out there, not just iPhones but Macs and other Apple products linked to the Find My network.

 I will continue to test the AirTags for a few more days before I finalise my thoughts on it and put together my full review video on my YouTube channel which you can check out at Updates for all these are also available on my Social Media accounts @BanuAthuraliya & @AndroDollar. If you pick up an AirTag, I would love to hear what you think about it, so reach out!

By Banu Athuraliya | Published: 2:16 PM Jun 12 2021

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