Music Blends with Fashion

By Pryiangwada Perera | Published: 2:00 AM Apr 10 2021
Echo Music Blends with Fashion

By Pryiangwada Perera

Many of us may have watched a Bollywood movie or even one of our own music videos and thought how lovely it would be if we too could buy that kind of dress. If lucky, you may even have come across a similar dress in a store only to find out that it didn’t fit. So many troubles, so many woes. Gone are the days of such woe. ‘Composed by’ marked their maiden collaboration with Soundarie David. The specialty is this being Sri Lanka’s first branded interactive music video where viewers get to select and purchase products on the video. Making it even better, this enables the viewers to select and purchase products seen on the video while they watch in real time.  

The video titled Complicated and Mulawe Maya in Sinhala is also a collaboration marking the first mainstream music video of Sri Lanka’s acclaimed pianist and music director and the founder of Soul Sounds Academy Soundarie David Rodrigo. However, the initiative is deeper with more noble intentions. This is an initiative taken to elevate Sri Lankan artistes. Their vision translates into promoting the country’s art industry regardless of backgrounds and disciplines of the artistes. If they are bent upon making progress, this is ideal. Shattering boundaries to move forth towards a better ground in the country’s art industry, they can make their voices heard, through this platform. Named, ‘Composed by’, it is none other than a powerful initiative by Sri Lanka’s favourite as well as largest online fashion retailer

The music video was released simultaneously in Sinhala and English. Sung by Hirushi Jayasena and Shehara Liyanage the melody and lyrics in English is by none other than Soundarie herself. Complicated or Mulawe Maya, Soundarie’s latest musical masterpiece, makes history as it was released simultaneously in both Sinhala and English. The song is something that brings new talent to the shore. Melody and lyrics by Soundarie in English and translated into Sinhala by Shehan Galahitiyawa, the two songs are brought to life with the fine voices of accomplished young Sri Lankan musical talent Shehara and Hirushi. The music video also features upcoming young actress and model Tashiya Kalidasa. She is also the first artist to be chosen by ODEL. 

It blends with the famous quote of Lady Gaga, “I think that fashion and music go hand in hand, and they always should. It’s the artist’s job to create imagery that matches the music. I think they’re very intertwined.” 

ODEL has partnered with them and made it a success. Colours, moods, emotions come together. As they correctly put it, “the sensational melody and visually alluring ‘interactive’ music video highlights the latest spring and summer collection by Odel.” What is correctly explained as Sri Lanka’s first clickable, branded interactive video.

While there have been female artistes who have made it big in the Sri Lankan field of music it is not the easiest thing to tread the arena. What we fail to understand is that talent alone does not suffice. In such a context ODEL’s powerful initiative helps open doors for the island’s many gifted artistes trying to step into the arena from the fields of dance, music and arts.   

With both financial empowerment and engaging with them, it is all about involvement and encouragement. 

They focus on shapes, sounds, forms blending into make fashion. The other great thing about the clothes is that they come in all sizes. Even Plus sizes are available. Their fashion is all about making a person comfortable in his/her own skin. Hence, sizes are available from SS to 3XL. 

It is not just fashion but a redefining of their brands. Call it a symphony of products instead of just clothes. You should not resist looking for Soundarie and the songs and while enjoying, you may click and choose your next outfit. 

By Pryiangwada Perera | Published: 2:00 AM Apr 10 2021

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