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CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Feb 22 2021
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The 46th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) is scheduled virtually for today. The UNHRC offers a multi lateral forum to Joe Biden for the US seat vacated by Donald Trump, to present its commitment to human rights. The US is one of the biggest violators of human rights but the UNHRC fails to observe or see that. Elementary my dear Watson! The US is the UN’s biggest donor. The US contributes US$ 10 billion or more which is nearly one-fifth of the UN’s annual budget. So when it comes to human rights and the US the UN wears its avant-garde pair of blinkers. The bottom line is the UN does as the US bids because without the US the UN will not be able to survive.

What the US wants most is a lucrative location in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR). They were on the verge of achieving it, thanks to the Yahapalana regime’s bunch of idiots, but fate intervened and swiped their prize from right under their nose. Back at square one the US was forced to fall back on their initial plans: the UN Resolution 40/1 against Sri Lanka.

If the UN was so keen to talk human rights why did they not take JR Jayewardene’s Government to task and issue a resolution. Back in 1983 on 24 July the Government instigated anti-Tamil riots was the reason Sri Lanka faced a 30-year separatist war. The UN forgot the resolution. JR‘s anti-democratic actions to ensure he stayed in Parliament, his removal of Sirimavo’s civic rights all went against the grain. The UN forgot the resolution. Had the UN done just that it might have ensured that Sri Lanka might have been on a much better footing, there might have been no separatist war, Why on earth then did the UN keep silent? 

Elementary my dear Watson! Back in the ‘80s Sri Lanka was not that great a prospect, Sri Lanka was simply an island with no strategic importance. Not forgetting the US already had Diego Garcia. Sri Lanka had no properly developed harbours and the IOR registered no threat to the US. Most importantly China posed no threat! That’s why the UN kept silent, because back then the US didn’t spy us with their big eyes.

China emerging as a super power at the change of the millennium set alarm bells ringing. The US started taking a closer look at the IOR. The pearl necklace, that India refers to, enveloped Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka had a history with China which didn’t appeal to the US. Now Sri Lanka was the uncut diamond. Lying in the sand completely overlooked. 

In 2005 the Rajapaksa Government was in place and not compliant. The US and its allies needed a strategy to get hold of Sri Lanka and topple its regime. What better way than to look for discontented Sri Lankans to fight against Sri Lanka, there was nothing that money can’t buy? The Tamil diaspora were still smarting after the defeat of the LTTE terrorists by the Rajapaksa regime. The NGOs were another option. With the war over international funding was withdrawn so they were struggling to survive. A nod to the UN and like a magician pulling out a rabbit from his hat the UN conjured an incompetent character like Marzuki Darusman to write a biased factually wrong report on Sri Lanka and viola UN produces a resolution against Sri Lanka.

Today the UN hopes to get Sri Lanka on the chopping block and let all reason fly with the wind. One-fifth of their annual budget is at stake. If ever there is a hypocritical organisation then it’s none other than the UN!

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Feb 22 2021

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