Airports will not open to tourists for at least two months: SLTDA Head

YD | Published: 7:00 PM Sep 18 2020
Local Airports will not open to tourists for at least two months: SLTDA Head

While the health authorities will make the decision regarding the reopening of airports, they will not be opened to tourists for at least another two months, stated Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) Chairperson, Kimarli Fernando.

Adding that the relevant measures are in place to ensure health safety once airports are reopened, she explained that tourist arrivals would only be approved for those staying a minimum of 14 days in Sri Lanka, and that they would be required to stay at hotels certified by the SLTDA.

Under the guidelines for this certification process, set by the SLTDA, hotels are being audited by international firm, KPMG, which has already begun, she noted.

Fernando added that a mobile application has been developed toi keep track of all details regarding tourist arrivals, such as their place of accommodation, and date and duration of stay in the country. These details will be shared with the relevant District authorities, so that PCR testing arrangements could be facilitated upon arrival at the chosen accommodation.

“COVID-19 has given Sri Lanka the opportunity to uplift standards at certain locations, and we have identified 4,950 new sites that are not very popular, which will be included in the travel app,” she added.

The app will also allow tourists to access information regarding tour locations, travel agents and guides, as well as providing rating facilities, a complaint management system, and an emergency button linked with the nearest Police station.

"I am positive that when global tourism opens up, Sri Lanka will be one of the top places to travel, since we have everything to offer," Kimarli Fernando concluded.

YD | Published: 7:00 PM Sep 18 2020

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