Mercury into Scorpio

By Parindra Sugathadasa | Published: 2:00 AM Nov 28 2020
Horoscope Mercury into Scorpio

By Parindra Sugathadasa

Mercury the ruling Planet of knowledge and wisdom has transited  the House of Scorpio on 28 November. Scorpio is known as a mystic sign as per astrological teachings. Mercury will remain in the House until 17 December 2020. The period in between will not be auspicious specially for students and children. Therefore, they are strongly instructed to be cautious especially during this period.

Nevertheless, the conjunction of both Mercury and Ketu in Scorpio is said to result in Gnana Yoga. Therefore, those born between 28 November 2020 (7.04 a.m) and 17 December 2020 (11.07 a.m) will be endowed with high Intellectual capacity. Additionally, individuals seeking spiritual development will be able to move towards the right direction whereas those who carry out research in relation to occult sciences such as astrology have a fruitful period ahead.

Neptune, the planet that represents the ocean, will quit its retrograde motion on 29 November. As a result there can be tidal waves in the sea which might interrupt fishing. Therefore fishermen need to be alert during the period.

In the meantime, a shadow  lunar eclipse is expected to occur in Taurus under the 2nd Pada of Rehena asterism. As per our experience, there will be development in foreign affairs before and after 30  November 2020. It should also be mentioned that there can be earthquakes, cyclones and tidal waves. In addition,  the days around 30th November will not be auspicious for women and public figures.

In taking a look at the planetary transits scheduled to occur in December, we see that Venus will transit Scorpio on 11 December 2020 whereas Sun will transit Sagittarius on 15 December. As a result, Kona Masa will prevail from 15 December 2020 to 14 January 2021.  The period in between is not ideal to perform auspicious activities.

By Parindra Sugathadasa | Published: 2:00 AM Nov 28 2020

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