Mental health is not just a topic

By Dr. Ashoke Priyadarshana | Published: 2:00 AM Oct 9 2021
Health Mental health is not just a topic

By Dr. Ashoke Priyadarshana 

Today (10) is the day that the world mental health day has fallen; and the focus on the mental health aspect should undoubtedly be carried forward without being restricted to a particular date. As per the principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapists (CBT), the manner in which individuals think matters most in mental health. 

According to research, it shows the significant differences in Limbic system with one’s thinking pattern. The Limbic system which is responsible for emotions is said to change its size according to the negativity or the positivity of emotions. Moreover, research shows that even the size of amygdala gets bigger when someone experiences fear often. Therefore, the thinking pattern has a significant impact on body chemistry. 

The hustle bustle of day-to-day life often leaves us disheartened and stressed. Life is a puzzle which must be solved throughout the day. Often, we come up against uncountable challenges and threatening issues and problems. 

There are situations where life becomes a field of battle where you need to to be strong and agile in fighting with life’s opponents. We have seen individuals standing tall despite the intensity of such challenges. Nick Viujicic, born differently abled, has now become a popular motivational speaker. There are many out there who have challenged their destiny. 

The problems we face are unavoidable sometimes; yet, a strong mentality could stand challenges and overcome them strategically. Language you use to talk to yourself is vital in making your mentality strong. For instance, think of the language pattern than one might use at the moment of committing suicide. The intra-communication in such situations is poor and the language used consists of helpless and hopeless words. In return, the body reacts upon the language you use to talk to yourself. changing the helpless and hopeless language into positive is much needed in such situations. 

Therefore, directing your wandering mind is essential. when the mind is in the wandering mode, we do not know where it takes us. Unrealistic and illogical types of emotions and feelings are therefore generated. Emotions and feelings are the productions of thinking. In situations where emotions become pathological, distressful and irritable, it could mainly because of their thinking styles.( There can be certain biological changes which could have an impact on the person’s emotions). 

How to detect your negative emotions

Writing your emotions in the form of a journal is a better way to detect the type/s of emotion/s you are endowed with in most situations. It is an evidence-based technique that you can use to scan the errors of your thinking style. People often make cognitive errors in thinking and they are not much familiar with them. For instance, mind reading is such a cognitive error that many people make in thinking. Without much evidence, some tend to predict what other people think. 

Mind and body is interconnected and interdependent. Therefore, what you think and how you think matters most in leading a balanced life. There is no shortage of obstacles in life, yet the way you perceive and the manner in which you communicate with yourself in such situations is important. 

By Dr. Ashoke Priyadarshana | Published: 2:00 AM Oct 9 2021

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