Medamankada-Sirimalgoda road in dilapidated condition

By Eunice Ruth and Rathna Weerasinghe | Published: 2:00 AM Nov 23 2021
Focus Medamankada-Sirimalgoda  road in dilapidated condition

By Eunice Ruth and Rathna Weerasinghe

The people who use the road from Medamankada to lower Sirimalgoda area are severely affected due to its improper maintenance, said the residents of the village.

This road is used by more than 450 families from surrounding villages namely, Sirimalgoda, Aluthwatte, Gannilawatte, Dunwatte, Palliyawatte, Annasiwatte, Tibbatulanda and Pabulpotha. 

The residents said that due to the dilapidated condition of the road, residents and others who use this road are affected and on rainy days, the path will be muddy where even a vehicle cannot run. Most importantly, the students are in a state where they can’t even walk to the school.

Meanwhile, few years ago, it was discussed to renovate this road under a National project. However, the renovation work was not commenced. Till today, this road has been not renovated and no authorities have come forward to take action in this regard.

G. M. Heenbanda, an elder of the village said, it was in this condition for more than one year and we, old people cannot use this road as others do. There are several pits which are filled with muddy water and due to this we can’t use this road to go to hospital or even to temple on Poya days. Even the three-wheeler drivers refuse to pick us up due to this dilapidated condition of the road.

He urged the politicians and other responsible officials to look into this issue immediately and renovate the road.

G. B. Damayanthi, another resident of the village said this road was built in 2000 and until today, even after completing 21 years, none of the Government authorities have been concerned about renovating and carpeting of the road. 

“Even on special occasions or conducting funerals, we feel very helpless because we can’t even properly carry the coffin. All the village people including children are suffering without having a proper road. There were times where our children went to school and coming home meeting with accidents. I request the authorities to take necessary action regarding the renovation of the road and help us,” said Damayanthi.

R. M. Punchimenike said that she is a patient who must visit the hospital once in a month. However, due to this road condition, she is unable to reach the hospital and now she has started skipping her clinics. “Already we are aged and we are suffering from a number of diseases. Along with that, now we have difficulty in passing the road. We are currently facing lot of difficulties. Even though on election days, politicians said that they will renovate the road, after coming into power no one has came forward to do that and we promise that we will never vote again until the Government help us by renovating this road.” 

Chief Incumbent of Sirimalgoda Sri Vijayarama temple, Kandaketiye Somaratana Thera, said that in 2013, the Government dug the road under a National Programme. However, it is still in the same condition. Officials of Pradeshiya Sabha have visited the place several times to take measurements and said that they will commence the renovation work in January 2021. However, now they are saying that no tender has been processed regarding the construction of the road. 

He also noted that a small part of the road was carpeted and the remaining part was not even in a good condition to use. We have informed all the Government officials including the President in this regard. However, till today we haven’t received any positive responses from the authorities and we request them to renovate or construct the road.

By Eunice Ruth and Rathna Weerasinghe | Published: 2:00 AM Nov 23 2021

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