Mastercard pioneers Cloud Tap on Phone

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Jan 21 2021

Mastercard partnered with NMI and Global Payments Inc. to launch its first live Cloud Tap on Phone pilot with Computer Engineering Group (CEG), a California-based independent IT services provider. 

Cloud Tap on Phone is one of Mastercard’s innovative next generation acceptance products, with the software hosted on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud platform.

Mastercard has been spearheading the transition to contactless payments for years. The demand for faster, more convenient, safer and now cleaner ways to pay has driven the transition to contactless, and it’s a one-way street with touch-free experiences expected to be permanent for consumers and businesses even after the pandemic ends.

In fact, in the third quarter of 2020, contactless penetration represented 41% of in-person purchase transactions globally, up from 37% in the second quarter and 30% a year ago.

With Tap on Phone, any business – regardless of size – can deliver new and best-in-class contactless consumer experiences using a device they already own: a smartphone. 

Tap on Phone democratises point-of-sale technology by turning an Android smartphone or tablet into an acceptance device, allowing businesses to accept contactless payments while minimising the need to invest in hardware terminals or extra features. Merchants can offer enhanced and accelerated curbside pick-up or payment on delivery or provide faster line-skipping checkout in-store – options that are increasingly important as consumers look to touch-free cash alternatives.

With the introduction of Cloud Point of Sale (POS), Mastercard is enhancing its Tap on Phone product and empowering ecosystem partners to develop their own Cloud-based products with new tools and capabilities.

Cloud POS moves key parts of the acceptance software – the components that enable the processing of contactless transactions and certain security functions – from the individual smartphone to the Cloud, offering robust security, reducing development and maintenance costs and creating scalable distribution channels by allowing immediate connectivity to partners. Cloud POS also becomes a new channel for Mastercard’s partners to bring value-added services to customers and businesses.

Mastercard will make its pre-certified Cloud POS software development kit (SDK)openly available, encouraging solution providers, fintechs, acquirers and processors to innovate and co-create new cloud-firstproducts. Mastercards pilot with CEG represents the first live deployment of Mastercard Cloud Tap on Phone anywhere in the world.  

“We continue to see an accelerating shift to digital payments, with businesses of all sizes wanting to provide swift, secure, compelling point-of-sale experiences. Cloud POS enables us to make these experiences available to our partners with greater speed and efficiency,” said Global Head of Mastercard’s Acceptance Solutions Group, Milan Gauder.“Our partners are the centre of everything we do, and our trusted technology powers innovative experiences, choice, flexibility and certainty, creating the products they need. Mastercard’s Cloud Tap on Phone delivers on our promise of ground-breaking products and innovation.”

Development of Cloud POS technology and the Cloud Tap on Phone product has been spearheaded by Mastercard Labs, the company’s new product development arm. The pilot with CEG follows live product testing on Mastercard’s Purchase, N.Y. campus. 

Cloud POS is a product of Mastercard’s multi-Cloud strategy, meeting businesses, consumers, financial institutes and partners in the Cloud with innovative applications and services.The company will conduct further Cloud Tap on Phone pilots and commercial deployments in other markets in 2021.  

Currently, Mastercard’s Tap on Phone solution is in 16 markets across Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, North America, the Middle East and Africa. Pilots are taking place with partners in Costa Rica, Hong Kong, Poland, Kazakhstan, Romania, Canada, Belarus, Russia, Turkey and the United Kingdom, among other markets.  

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Jan 21 2021

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