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By Thiyashi Koththtigoda | Published: 2:00 AM Jul 31 2021
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By Thiyashi Koththtigoda

Although the phrase ‘timelessly trendy’ sounds contradictory, there are a few ways to get the best of both worlds. Timeless design can be flexible and endure the test of time, allowing you to save time and money. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck with a drab space. The point of having space with classic design is to be able to make small changes to suit trends and styles. It’s a great way to make sure that your space reflects your shift in personal style over time without having to always remodel, refurbish and repaint. Here are some ways to create a classic and flexible space that you can still tailor to your liking with your favourite trends.

A classic foundation

If you want to keep the space timeless and flexible, start with its foundation. Whenever you can, aim for an open floor plan that gives you a cohesive look from one room to the next. Your flooring, lighting and colour palette should be similar throughout the rooms, distinguishing features of each room being the material, accent colours, accessories, and extra décor. Also, keep basic design principles in mind. Make sure the room has symmetry and a focal point. Symmetry ensures that the room will always look appealing even if you change styles. A focal point such as eye-catching artwork or pieces of furniture can also provide balance, giving the eye a place to rest. One other guideline to follow is to maintain scale and proportion. Make sure that the furniture is not too big or too small for the room and spaced out in proportion to each other.

 - Key takeaway: Adhere to basic interior design principles and give the space a solid foundation that can complement any style.

The fitting furniture

Now that you know how to place the furniture, what type should you buy? Ideally, the pieces of furniture you pick should never go out of style. They should be core items in your space that are complementary enough to let you experiment with trends and styles in other ways. A good rule of thumb is to pick furniture with clean and simple lines. For example, one style is the tuxedo style. Make sure to avoid funky shapes and ornate details. Stick to neutral fabrics for an understated look and factor in comfort and durability. You want a quality piece of furniture that will last you many years.

 - Key takeaway: Pick furniture that is classic, comfortable, long-lasting and simple with clean lines.

Keeping it trendy

Even though you’re keeping the foundation and core pieces of the room quite timeless, trends can be incorporated through accents and décor. This is where you get the flexibility to combine old and new and have a timeless space with a modern touch. Bringing in trends through the accents in space can save money and effort. You can switch things up and still keep up with trends without overhauling the entire room. The next few tips will explain how you can do that.

 -  Key takeaway: Keep the core of the room timeless while incorporating trends through décor.

Nothing but neutrals

The key to a classic and adaptable time palette is to stick to neutrals. Colours like beige, grey and white are timeless and can work with any trend or theme. Keep the core items of your space like furniture and walls neutral. This way, you can switch up the colour of décor like pillows and artwork to match any trends or preferences. If you want a more contemporary look, classic colour combos like black and white are always good options.

 - Key takeaway: Neutral colours are the way to go for the core parts of your space.

Picking Patterns

Much like colours, patterns also play a huge role in keeping your core items classic and flexible. Make sure your furniture is understated and sophisticated with classic patterns. Floral, damask and plaid are some examples of more timeless patterns. On the flip side, animal print, chevron and bold geometric patterns should be avoided for core parts of the room. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and these incorporate trendier patterns. These patterns can be swapped in and out, however you please through accent pieces and décor.

 -  Key takeaway: Use classic patterns for the core items and trendier patterns for the accent.

 A Page from minimalism

The ‘less is more’ adage should not just be confined to trends of minimalism. Clutter-free rooms can give the space clean and streamlined looks regardless of what type of style it may be. A timeless space should be balanced with tasteful negative space. Never overcrowd a room with unnecessary furniture or décor. This is because a timelessly adaptable look will depend on a clean design. Another adage to keep in mind here is ‘quality over quantity’. Even if full-blown minimalistic interior design becomes less trendy, the core belief of minimalism should still be kept in mind.

 - Key takeaway: Keep the space clutter-free and streamlined, regardless of style.

Back to nature

Incorporating nature into space is something that humans will inherently want to do. This is why natural elements in interior décor are thought to be timeless. Wood, stone and woven materials like rattan and wicker are generally classic additions to a room. Natural fabrics like linen and wool are also flexible materials. Regardless of style, indoor plants are also a foolproof choice to add a pop of greenery and flair. From philodendron to succulents, plants are an easy and classic way to bring nature inside.

 -  Key takeaway: Bringing nature into the room is a timeless idea.

Simply shelves 

One simple feature that can be flexible, decorative and practical in a room is shelves; whether it is built-in shelves, open shelves or floating shelves. Shelves have functionality and architectural appeal that surpass trends and styles. It’s best to opt for wooden or metal shelves for longevity. Also, make sure that the silhouette is simple and streamlined to make it adaptable to any look. A lot of shelf’s appeal comes from its styling flexibility. It’s a great way to be able to mix, match and swap around décor and accessories for fresh looks whenever you want. Whether it’s artworks or family heirlooms, a shelf is an ideal investment for timeless design.

 - Key takeaway: Shelves are a key feature in a flexible and timeless design.

 By keeping the core of your space timeless and trendy, you can make an adaptable base that allows you to experiment with trends and styles. Not only is it less costly to incorporate trends through accents and décor, but it’s also a great way to let your creativity flow through your space. 

By Thiyashi Koththtigoda | Published: 2:00 AM Jul 31 2021

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