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By Khalidha Naushad | Published: 2:00 AM Nov 27 2021
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By Khalidha Naushad

Spaces in our house are designated to utilise it in the best way. But if you have a room or a space that is extra or left unused, it’s called the ‘bonus room’. These rooms create challenging layouts and are usually buried away in attics. That being said, extra spaces are definitely a commodity so, if you are stumped on what to do with this bonus room, this article is for you. The first piece of advice I would give is to not waste those spaces, instead change that space into a room that you will really want to spend the most time in. Hence, clear planning will sort your problem out and help you make the most of a bonus room.

Homework/home   office room

Most of us are asked to work from home and the change of environment can be an obstacle in carrying out our work. It’s especially hard for someone like me to work in a noisy space. If you are someone who hates too much noise or is raising a kid that needs proper guidance, try changing the extra space left out there into a homework/ home office room. This room will serve you and your kids the best, because it’s quiet and free of distractions. With a solid desk, ample lighting, and a computer, a bonus room might become a catalyst for productivity or at least a quiet place for conference calls. In case, you are not sure if the kids are going to spend most of their time in this homework room, add in some comfortable chairs along with shelves including school supplies and use organisational solutions.

 Kids tend to leave papers on the ground and textbooks all over the house. By changing the bonus room into a homework/home office room, it doesn't just benefit them, but you too. This room could definitely be the perfect homework space.

Gaming room

Video games are pervasive in the lives of most teenagers. However, we know that it’s not just the kids who like toys, so playrooms and gaming rooms don’t have to be just for the kids. Also to mention, if you are a game-aholic or have someone in your family that is a video game-aholics, it’s annoying to have your TV constantly tied up by any video game. You are encouraged to turn that extra space into a gaming room. For a great experience, recommends you set up gaming computers and video game cwwonsoles. Don’t forget comfy loveseats, floor cushions, and bean bag chairs for those long game nights!

TV/theatre room

For how long are you looking to carry your laptop everywhere you need to binge on Netflix or for a family movie night? Owing to this pandemic, it’s definitely not safe to go to a theatre. But your bonus room got you covered. Transforming the space into a theatre room may be the perfect use for your flex room. Technology has made it possible to have a movie theatre experience in the comfort of your own home. You don’t need expensive furniture, instead of some bean bag chairs or a few overstuffed couches and stock the room with cozy blankets. You can even invest in an inexpensive projector screen for a real at-home theater experience without the cost. Good seating will make nights even better!

Home gym

Who wouldn't want a home gym where they can workout without being judged? While you don't need a full-fledged home gym to keep you motivated to stay in shape, a room dedicated to working out can be a good fit. With a few free weights, a yoga mat, and cardio equipment like a treadmill or a stationary bike, you can build your own free training environment. A small table for cleaning wipes, water bottles, and candles for yoga practice can also be included. Set up a Bluetooth speaker to play some amazing music while you exercise.

By Khalidha Naushad | Published: 2:00 AM Nov 27 2021

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