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By Shanuka Kadupitiyage | Published: 2:00 AM Jan 2 2021
Glamour Luxury with Purpose

By Shanuka Kadupitiyage

Think of all the plastic waste that finds their way into the oceans of the world today. With massive amounts of plastic waste polluting the world’s oceans, various companies and industries have started looking into ways in order to remove the plastic from the sea, create a product with value and make a profit along for the effort taken.

Tom Ford is definitely not a brand that usually is tied with plastic products. The luxury brand deals in premium quality products from jackets to bags and leather accessories. However, as a new initiative to introduce a culture of luxury with a purpose, (an ethical luxury culture in other words) the brand has announced the Tom Ford 002 Ocean Plastic Watch.

Made up of recycled waste plastic collected from the ocean, the 002 Ocean Plastic Watch is entirely made from plastic, except for the back, crown and buckle which are made of steel, plated with a semi-matte diamond-like carbon black coating.

Having taken a look at the watch from Tom Ford’s website, the watch takes on a very discrete aesthetic in its make. The deep black casing helps the white hands of the watch stand out, making it a striking timepiece even without the added hook bonus of being beneficial to the environment. 

The same goes for the unique style taken with the watchstrap, which takes on the appearance of being braided from paracord (the stuff used in parachute lines). Each watch claims to be the equivalent of 35 plastic bottles, meaning that each 002 Ocean Plastic Watch sold removes the equivalent of that amount of plastic from the ocean.

Taking its established reputation of producing premium, luxury products, Tom Ford has not skimped on quality and attention to detail when it came to this timepiece.  The designer vouched for its quality and durability as a timepiece that bears the Tom Ford name. Just like its other products, the 002 Ocean Plastic watch is built to last, and to be passed on to the next generation when the time comes. Through that, the plastic that was taken from the ocean, won’t find its way back.

Additionally, the packaging materials used for the watch are also recycled products, reducing the environmental impact from such items.

Wanting to go the extra mile, Tom Ford also announced the creation of a prize of 1 million USD that can create a viable and scalable replacement for thin plastics such as what is used in disposable bags alongside the launch of the watch, pushing forward their message of luxury with awareness to the environmental issues faced in the present.

Tom Ford sees the 002 Ocean Plastic as the first of many products made from ocean plastics. While it may only be a simple attempt to help fix a gargantuan issue, it definitely is a step forward to not only spreading awareness on pollution and protecting ocean habitats, but also to creating innovative new ways to tackle an ever increasing problem.

The Tom Ford 002 Ocean Plastic watch might take some time before it makes its way into the shores of Sri Lanka. However, we eagerly await news of the luxury timepiece appearing for our local consumers as well, to enjoy luxury with a purpose. 

By Shanuka Kadupitiyage | Published: 2:00 AM Jan 2 2021

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