Let Your Eyes Define You

By Ama H.Vanniarachchy | Published: 2:00 AM Oct 16 2021
Glamour Let Your Eyes Define You

By Ama H.Vanniarachchy 

Eyeliner is an important feature of makeup. Starting as a health practice, it has evolved greatly as a fashion trend. Eyeliner as makeup has a long history. Ancient paintings and archaeological evidence show us that eyeliner was greatly loved by our ancestors. In the early days, eyeliner was made using natural minerals, and organic products. This evidence shows that black and blue were used as eyeliner colours. Throughout the past decades, commercial eyeliner products have made the use of eyeliner common and easy. 

The movie industry and the fashion industry set eyeliner trends that are followed by the fashion enthusiastic public. Using eyeliner is fun. It enhances the beauty and the shape of the eye and highlights the eye. Based on shapes and colours, eyeliner has had different trends and styles from time to time. Some of these eyeliner styles may not suit different face shapes, skin colours, outfits, and occasions. Hence, choosing the right eyeliner is a careful task. Let us look at some of the trendy and cool eyeliner tips that you can follow to opt for a stylish eye makeup look. 

Be bold; use colours 

There are a vast number of eyeliner colours in today’s market. There are many shades of black, brown, blue, green, red, white, purple, etc. Although it is fun, exciting, and experimental to use various colours and try new looks, some colours will not suit our skin colours and the occasions we are attending. But, depending on the occasion, be bold and chose the colour your heart desires. You can use more than one colour to elaborate your eyeliner makeup. Some latest trendy colours are white, neon yellow, bright pink, and electric blue. 

Experiment with shapes 

There are many styles in which you can draw your eyeliner. You can paint your top eyelid or your bottom eyelid or even both. You can also try many colours together to get your desired shape. 

Use eyeshadow as eyeliner 

You can use eye shadow as eyeliner. You can use a thin black liner to outline the eyeliner and then use your desired eye shadow to enhance the liner. Or, you can directly use eye shadow only. 

Keep your focus on your eyes 

If you are highlighting your eyes with various colours and styles, do not overdo your lips and face contour. This will make you look gaudy and overly dramatic. 

Try to match your eyeliner colour with your outfit 

If you are experimenting with eyeliner colours, try to match them or keep synchronizing with your outfit and accessories. 

Match the occasion 

If you are attending a formal meeting, event, or education event, do not opt for dramatic eye makeup. Keep it minimal. The best place to experiment and be playful and bold with eyeliner is a glamour event, concerts, parties, or dinners. Make sure you use quality products that are not harmful to your skin. Also, make sure to clean your eyes properly by removing makeup before sleep.

By Ama H.Vanniarachchy | Published: 2:00 AM Oct 16 2021

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