Let’s Talk About What We Are Talking About

By Sharon Arnolda Ceylon Today Features | Published: 12:10 AM Jun 11 2021
Look Let’s Talk About What We Are Talking About

By Sharon Arnolda Ceylon Today Features 

There’s undoubtedly a lot going on in the country right now. Not only are we in the middle of the third wave of the COVID pandemic that could have been avoided, if we were careful; our seas are dying and the general politics are a mess as usual – but what exactly are we talking about? Yup! About an insignificant incident that has no relevance to any of us; gossip.

 And this seems to be a pattern; a welltimed distraction that seems to come into play just when there are too many burning issues going on in the country. 

Even if the conspiracy theory is true, why are we so easily distracted by nonsense? The root cause of the problem is actually pretty scary; these are the things that we consider issues. 

When there are a million reasons to question the actions of those allegedly connected to politicians and the issue of wrong doers getting bail, the general public fussing over something as redundant as a birthday party is stupid; and for us as a country, sad. 

To put things in perspective; Section 14 of the Bail Act sets out the guidelines followed by a Judge in granting bail (Three such instances are listed out in the Act), accordingly a person will not be granted bail if in doing so “.....public reaction to the offence may give rise to public disquiet.” So yes, the public can actually have a say in what’s going on in the country; the ability to keep offenders in remand itself is in the hands of “social media warriors”. 

“With great power comes great responsibility” 

The thing is, not many people know the gravity of the damage that is done on social media or any other forum that enables large groups of people to express their opinions. The impact a consistent group of people can have on justice itself, so by getting distracted what we are doing is giving these people a way to get bail; after all the public has moved on to how beautiful a quarantine center is, right? What you share on your Facebook wall or what you get the conversation started on is actually starting to have a major impact on the country. 

With millions of people getting in on nonsense important matters are being swept under the carpet creating a situation that could easily be exploited. It is increasingly becoming a responsibility of those we call “influencers” to get the conversation going in the right direction, now more than ever. 

We as a nation like to talk about how the people are taken advantage of by politicians, technically the law and the constitution are in our favour; we are choosing to believe obvious lies made by politicians for the sake of party loyalty and getting distracted faster than goldfish. We are enabling those in power to take advantage of a system that makes the public supreme; simply because we are lost in redundancy.

By Sharon Arnolda Ceylon Today Features | Published: 12:10 AM Jun 11 2021

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