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By Shani Asokan | Published: 2:00 AM Feb 6 2021
Scribbler Let’s Get Crafty

By Shani Asokan  Ceylon Today Features

Staying at home can be boring at times. So here are some activities that can make play time more fun and interesting. 

Clay leaf prints

These prints are fun and easy to make. As a bonus, you get to see all the cool patterns different types of leaves make in the clay!

You will need:

-    Pottery clay

-    Different kinds of leaves

-    A rolling pin

-    A board or work surface

-    An Apron

-    Newspaper

How it works:

Go into your garden or over to where you keep your plants and collect a few different kinds of leaves. If you can, pick leaves of different shapes or sizes, but work with what you have. Ask a parent to help you set up your workspace by laying out some sheets of newspaper. This can get messy!

Place your board on the newspaper and ask a parent to help you cut off a medium sized piece of clay. Use your rolling pin to roll out the clay until it is an inch thick. 

Press the leaves top side down into the clay. You can use your fingers to do this or use the rolling pin to gently press the leaf in. Leave for a minute or so, and gently peel the leaf away to reveal the print underneath! 

You can ask a parent to help you cut out the print before you leave it to dry. You can also cut the rolled clay into a square tile and press different kinds of leaves into it to make a fun pattern. 

Paper plate turtle

With just a few easy to find materials create your very own colourful turtle! This craft requires scissors, so remember to ask an adult for help. 

You will need:

-    A paper plate

-    Tissue paper or coloured craft paper

-    Cardboard or some extra paper plates

-    A paintbrush

-    Glue

-    Scissors

-    A green marker

-    A black marker

-   Optional: glitter, paints, googly eyes

How it works:

Using the template as a guide, ask an adult to help you cut out the shapes for the turtles head, legs and tail out of the cardboard or extra paper plate. Using the coloured paper, cut out squares of different colours and set aside.

Take a fresh paper plate and turn it over to create the turtle’s shell (the bottom of the paper plate should be facing up). Cover the bottom of the plate (now facing up) in glue using a paintbrush. 

Once you have coated the plate with glue, cover it with the coloured squares you have cut out until the plate is fully covered. Use any pattern you want! Set aside for the glue to dry. While the plate is drying, you can colour in the turtle’s legs with the green marker. Alternatively, you can cover the cardboard in green paper. 

With help from an adult, glue the head, legs and tail on to the paper plate. Now, draw on the eyes and mouth of the turtle with a black marker. If you have googly eyes, you can use those. 

You can decorate the shell with glitter or paints or leave it just as it is. 

Your turtle is ready!

By Shani Asokan | Published: 2:00 AM Feb 6 2021

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