LB Finance partners with Indra Traders

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Jun 30 2020
FT LB Finance partners with Indra Traders

Leading financial services brand LB Finance recently tied up with Indra Traders (Pvt) Ltd one of Sri Lanka’s pioneering automobile traders, to offer special leasing packages with multiple benefits and value additions to the customers of both LB Finance and Indra Traders.

With its commitment to ensure customer convenience, LB Finance under the partnership will enable customers to a plethora of advantages over the conventional method of purchasing a vehicle on a lease basis. Customers can now avail themselves with exclusive leasing packages provided by LB Finance, whereby the customers will be able to receive special interest rates with tailor-made payment plans that could be customised based on the customer’s income making ownership of a vehicle that much easier and simpler.

LB Finance also stresses on its flexible lease-period extensions, where customers can benefit by furthering their lease period from the regular five-year period already available in the local market, to up to six-years, exclusively through the partnership with Indra Traders. The company also raises the bar with its offering of the maximum possible lease amount for the selected vehicle.

The perks don’t just stop there. Customers of the special lease package will also be entitled to other benefits such as free RMV registration, two labour-free services and installation of a free Entertainment System among other free accessories.

“We have reached a major milestone with our partnership with one of Sri Lanka’s premier automobile solutions providers, Indra Group of Companies, and it is no doubt that this partnership will not only benefit both our organisations, but also immensely benefit our loyal customers with an easy and simple procedure of obtaining a valuable leasing package with a host of customer-centric options. We are proud to be able to facilitate our customers with what is effectively the best leasing for high quality vehicles,” said LB Finance Managing Director Sumith Adhihetty.

LB Finance announced that the special leasing package could be obtained within a day, with approval being granted within just two hours. Requirements of documentation are also drastically reduced for obtaining the lease, which is also an added convenience, with hardly any red-tape for customers. Notable feature is that the need for guarantors will only come into effect under special circumstances under this special leasing package offered by LB Finance and Indra Traders.

 “This partnership and the benefits that come with it towards our valued customers stand as a testament to our continuous strive to engage in fair business and facilitate our Sri Lankan customer base with the best. LB Finance is a highly reputed financial institution well-known for providing quality solutions to its customers. Together, we believe that this new partnership will further solidify our leading positions in our respective industries as customer-centric organisations,” said Indra Group of Companies Managing Director Rushanka Silva.

In addition, not only are customers of the Special Leasing Package entitled to Indra Traders’ highly sought-after warranty, but they can also make use of Indra Traders’ 24-hour roadside assistance, as well as the 24-hour hotline in case of an emergency.

This Special Leasing Package could be obtained from any of LB Finance’s islandwide network of offices and the personalised doorstep assistance, make this Special Leasing Package all the more accessible to a wider segment of customers who are keen to own a vehicle with the least hassle.

Indra Traders is a leading private enterprise with over 45 years of experience in the automotive industry, mainly known as a total vehicle trading solutions provider that includes vehicle sales, service, spare parts and repairing. Today, the Indra Group of Companies has motor vehicle showrooms islandwide. Each showroom has a fully equipped garage facility in order to carry out minor maintenance work on vehicles imported for resale.

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Jun 30 2020

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